Quanzhou Science and Technology New Museum “difficult to contract” project operator responded: after the official opening of the museum will greatly increase the number of admission

2022-05-28 0 By

Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client On February 9 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Wang Lihong) recently, quanzhou science and Technology Museum new trial operation open, winter vacation is not over, many parents want to take their children to the new museum.The new museum has an online reservation system, which opens at 5 p.m. every day for 1,500 visitors on each of the two days following the reservation.Some citizens reported that they had entered the public account of the city science and Technology Museum at 5 p.m. for several days to make an appointment, but the page was jammed and could not even be loaded. With great difficulty, they entered, but all the reservations had been taken away.To this, the relevant person in charge of new project operating companies, said the new trial operation stage, affected by the epidemic prevention and control and equipment test pressure limit during trial operation, the current limit hen visit, can meet a lot of people hen, the next will further improve the bearing capacity reservation system, will significantly improve the hen places after the official opening.”The whole family has four mobile phones. At 5:00 PM, they clicked the public number of the city Science and Technology Museum to make an appointment synchronously, but the four mobile phones could not be clicked, the page loading was slow and jammed, and when it was not jammed, the tickets were all taken away.”Citizens have lady tells a reporter, then to get tickets, she specially reservation please neighbors and friends, neighbours continuous click page almost half an hour, a few days ago finally help her booking tickets, “I take 8 year old daughter to play in the new, new house is big and beautiful, there are eight galleries, interactive experience many class project, science and technology feeling and experience the feeling is very,My daughter wanted to go again before the winter vacation ended, but it was too difficult to book.”In response, Zhao Kai, head of the project operation company of the new museum, said that due to the epidemic prevention and control needs and equipment testing pressure during the trial operation of the new museum, the current flow of visitors is restricted.But the popularity of booking more than expected, the new trial operation, open at about 5 PM daily visit places booking channels, the time has more than 20 m each and every day visits, to make an appointment system too much pressure on the backend server, even if have a full-time engineer daily afternoon watching, are expanding server, still there will be a booking channel congestion caton case.In order to meet the needs of the public, the carrying capacity of the online reservation system will be improved from both software and hardware. After the official opening of the Museum, on the basis of regular epidemic prevention and control and security guarantee, the admission quota will be significantly increased.