Tainan Confucius Temple plaque testifies that both sides belong to the same Middle school

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Dacheng Hall of Tainan Confucius Temple is hung with plaques given by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty.(Photo by Zhang Jiawen, China Review News) Tainan Confucius Temple is the first Confucian temple in Taiwan. It is known as the first Confucian temple in Taiwan. It is the oldest Confucian temple in Taiwan.Dacheng Hall in the temple has a total of 15 plaques, from the Qing Dynasty emperors Kangxi to Guangxu, until Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Ching-kuo, Lee Teng-hui, Chen Shui-bian, Ma Ying-jeou, Tsai Ing-wen, are juxtaposed together, can be said to witness the Qing Dynasty once governed Taiwan, both sides belong to the same fact.The Confucius Temple in Tainan is located on Nanmen Road, Tainan City. It was built in 1665. At the beginning, it had only Dacheng Hall, which was used to worship Confucius, also known as the Sage Temple of the master.Dacheng hall of Confucius temple, there are hanging over 15 plaque, starts from the qing dynasty emperor kangxi, every emperor reign will give a plaque Confucius temple, include “does not say” kangxi, yongzheng “o no, qianlong” participation “to the heaven and earth, jiaqing crest” st “, daoguang xianfeng, “the association of”, “DE qi that load”, managment longitudinal “holy day”, “gentle”.One of the only lack of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Xuantong Puyi, is because when Puyi ascended the throne, Taiwan has been a Japanese colony, the mainland Confucius temple puyi has given the board “Zhonghe wei Yu”, only tainan Confucius temple did not.When Chen Shui-bian was in power, he wrote the plaque “Zhonghe Weiyu”, which seems to have the meaning of completing the qi.In addition to the qing dynasty emperor, former Taiwan leader plaques were on display in the dacheng hall, including Chiang kai-shek’s “no child left behind”, “does not say” yen chia-kan, Chiang ching-kuo tao penetration ancient and modem, lee teng-hui’s “heaven and earth”, Chen shui-bian “zhong he wei yu”, Mr Ma’s “holy civilizing”, as well as the current tsai ing-wen “shall road chang”.