Terrible crime!Rumors of A Russian “invasion” and here comes the response

2022-05-29 0 By

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Friday that western media reports that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine were a “terrible crime against the world”, foreign media reported.Zakharova said western media reports of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine were criminal. She reportedly mentioned bloomberg and Bild newspaper hyping up the topic of “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” during her program.”This is no longer propaganda,” Zakharova said. “Propaganda is what you do when you insist on something.The essence of propaganda, by the way, has to do with pushing your position.When you use the media to achieve your goals, it’s no longer bad propaganda, it’s a terrible global crime under the umbrella of mainstream Western consciousness.”Zakharova also urged against reading western media reports claiming “Russian invasion of Ukraine,” according to the report.Ms. Zakharova said it was advisable not to read reports from Bloomberg, The New York Times and Germany’s Bild newspaper because they are not true and false news.”Russian Invasion of Ukraine” was the headline on the front page of Bloomberg’s website.Just before Mr. Hello Eva’s comments, bloomberg 4, was released on the title of “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” apology to apologize, the media send said in a statement: “we are prepared to solve the problem of a lot of titles, our website in the United States eastern time about 16 accidentally released the title ‘Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are sorry about the mistakes.”On The 3rd, many US media reported such “new intelligence” : Russia is considering making propaganda video of Ukrainian army’s attack on Russia, as a pretext to “invade” Ukraine in the coming days.This was immediately disputed by Russia.”Russia has never done such a thing,” the Russian side said.The deterioration of Russia-Ukraine relations has accelerated recently, with both sides deploying a large number of military personnel and equipment along their border.The United States, Ukraine and NATO claim that Russia has massed heavy forces on the border with Ukraine and may be preparing for an “invasion” of Ukraine.Russia denies this, saying NATO activities threaten its borders and that it has the right to deploy troops to defend its territory.Source: Huanqiu