The Sorrows of Young Werther: The only one who can trap us is ourselves

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One day in October 1772, The German writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe received a shocking news that his colleague Wilhelm had shot himself over a broken heart.Not long after, Goethe suffered the same fate as Willem. Several of the girls he fell in love with were either engaged to or rejected him.Two years later, in the autumn, Goethe went alone to Willem’s grave in Weitzlar.In the cold wind, despair and resentment almost devoured him like ghosts from the grave.On the way home, goldsmith was flooded with ideas and decided to write about what had happened to him and William.It took Goethe less than a month to finish his story, the Sorrows of Young Werther, which made Goethe famous in literature.’Your unhappiness lies in your broken heart,’ he wrote, ‘in your disturbed mind.And such misfortune, no one can help you eliminate.Some people say that life is a huge prison, but the only thing that can really trap us is our own heart.The story begins when werther, a young man, goes on holiday to the picturesque Waltham.His good family background and handsome appearance made him popular with local young people.One day, he was invited to a small family dance by his good friend Mr. S.At the ball, he meets the girl Lottie, who makes him fantasize at a glance.Victor danced enthusiastically with Lottie and told her his funny stories, making the girl laugh into a flower.Victor looked into Lottie’s bright eyes and thought with confidence that he must be the one for her.To her dismay, at the end of the dance, Lottie said, “I should have told you I have a fiance. His name is Albert.”These words, like a bolt from the blue, hit Werther and left him reeling.In the days that followed, Werther forced himself to distance himself from Lodi, but he couldn’t get out of his head.He began to make sure of the relation between himself and Lottie by recalling them: “At the ball games I found That Lottie patted me with more strength than the others;When I held her hand, and looked into her eyes, there was the same happiness as mine;She and her sisters drove past me, and she was the only one who looked out at me…”After a few moments of reflection, Victor did not believe that Loddy would leave him, and he was even proud of his own speculation.And before long a thing, more let him to this “unrequited love” go astray.One day, Victor and Lotte came to see Mrs. M, who was ill.Loddy waited on Mrs. M like a daughter, her eyes sad and tender.But standing on the side of The Werther, but feel green is because of him and sad, her gentle eyes, but also to himself.When he got home, he could not help saying to his friend, “She pays close attention to every move I make. Her eyes tell me that she loves me!”Witt is in his fantasy, and Green di passionately in love, and even fantasy out of marriage and children, a vulgar drama.However, no one can live in a fantasy, reality will always sound the alarm, telling you: people live, must respect the facts.Victor fell in love with Lotte until he heard the news that she was getting married.But Werther, forcibly brought back to reality, was thoroughly depressed and out of shape.The English poet Iba Browning said, “He who lives with his feet on the ground can love with his heart.”Fantasy may add color to your life, but any idea you have has to be grounded in real life.Otherwise, fantasy becomes a fragile bubble, consuming us without any real hope.When Lotte got married, Werther wrote to her friend William, MY heart is heavy and I feel like I have lost all my strength.William saw something was wrong with Werther and persuaded him to leave Waltham and get a job.A few weeks later, with William’s help, Werther arrived at count C’s legation and worked as a clerk.But after only a few days on the job, he became upset and had many unpleasant encounters with his colleagues.Victor felt that Count C was a stupid and demanding man, and it was difficult for him to talk to him.There was a girl clerk who was always showing off her status and wealth, but Victor knew that her father was only a clerk for the government.Victor hated her to death, but in an office he had nowhere to run.Victor became more and more depressed. He kept complaining about his work and cursing those who displeased him.One day, he finally unbearable, wrote a long letter to the superior duke poured out his grievances.He said, “Things and people around me always make me emotional, and I have a lot of work to do. Just let them go. Just leave me alone.”Werther waited anxiously for several weeks, and this letter brought him no comfort from the Duke, but brought his relations with Count C to a freezing point.Count C could have caused Victor a great deal of trouble and distress with a wave of his hand.He asked Werther to visit him regularly, but invited a group of nobles to embarrass Werther;He gave Werther the toughest work and easily dismissed him altogether;He noticed that Werther cared a lot about what others thought of him, and prodded him with cold words.Werther, on the other hand, had fallen into Count C’s “emotional trap” and lived a life of his own.He said to Willem, “Life is always unhappy here. Heaven must have taken my joy away.”Werther believed that his unhappiness was caused by others, but he did not realize that his own uncontrollable emotions were to blame.He cares too much about others, and he doesn’t know how to blow away the dark cloud in his mind. What awaits him is endless pain.Festinger, a psychologist, has a famous theory: he says that 10 percent of your life is what happens to you, and 90 percent is how you react to it.Emotion is our first reaction to something.Emotionally stable and calm people are rarely led by the outside world.On the contrary, people who are too emotional tend to punish themselves with the mistakes of others, thus losing a lot of happiness in life.Trapped by the past, it’s hard to go tomorrow, a few months later, victor was outraged and depression brought down the body, he kept running a high fever, also nonsense Hu Yu ground to say: “how many times I want to take knife to his heart, the chests are fully released, if the bastard standing in front of me, I will also take a sword to them.”His family was so horrified by these words that they agreed to let him quit his job and go on holiday to Waltham, his favourite place.Back in Waltham, Werther felt more relaxed than ever.He rode to a shady mountain stream and strolled along a path full of wild flowers.But as he walked, he sensed something was wrong.He stopped and looked. It was the same path that Lotty had walked with him.At that moment, countless memories of Lottie’s past flooded into his mind, and Victor was mad to see his goddess.That night he lingered for a long time outside Her house, and then he went in.She received him politely and played the piano warmly.But this happy piano piece, werther heard tears streaming down his face, he said to Lottie: “Please, don’t play any more!”Without looking back, he rushed out and disappeared into the darkness.It turned out to be the first piano piece She had played for him at the first dance they had met.Alone in the dark, Werther is surrounded by painful memories.The love with Lodi, the insult from Count C, the disappointment of his best friend William and his mother…These past events, let Werther feel frustrated and helpless, his mind gradually lost, the whole person looks like a madman.Even Mr. S, who admired him most, said to him in disappointment, “You are hopeless, it’s ridiculous!”Werther sneered and said over and over again: I don’t know what I live for.December 21, 1771, was the last Monday before Christmas.Early that morning, Victor wrote a letter to Lottie, then shot himself and walked completely into the past.I like this sentence: “Give time time, let the past become the past.”Time running forward, living in time, also can not only look back.Life goes on forever, and you can’t live in the present and move into the future without releasing yourself from your memories.At one point in the novel, Werther takes a step back and says to himself as an outsider: “You can’t be as resentful about what you can’t have;You should make the best of the present and let the past go with the wind.”Unfortunately, when he was himself, his heart was immediately kidnapped by desires and emotions, unable to break free in the mire of memories.Eventually, he died trapped in his own heart, leaving us with “young Werther’s troubles”.In the novel, Goethe once said, “The happiness of man lies in the happiness of the mind.”As the Buddhist ket language goes: one mind heaven, one mind hell.Our feelings of life, whether happy or sad, to a large extent, depends on our state of mind.The only way to get rid of Werther’s troubles is to let go of my obsession and focus on the present.Wish you the rest of your life, with a transparent and clear heart, protect their own side of the world.With your mutual encouragement.