The constellation has been wronged the most can not hide the emotions all written on the face

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Leo, Cancer and Aries can’t hide their temper when they are wronged.(Schematic diagram) Everyone will suffer some anger, wronged time, some people will hold their anger in the heart, silently bear, but “Sohu” fortune column named three constellations, wronged, temper is the most difficult to hide, all the emotions written on the face.Leo is honest and frank, straight personality, temper and don’t like to cover up, but when they are angry, they will regret their actions.In short, Leo people can be generous and tolerant, but can not bear the slightest grievance, once self-esteem or face is challenged, will not swallow it completely, but as long as the other party apologizes and shows kindness, Leo usually accept, will not let the other party down.Cancer Cancer mind sensitive, for other people’s words and deeds are very concerned about, so that it is easy to emotional, but their emotional performance of the way different from others.Instead of getting angry, Cancer tends to use cold violence. Through a cold and taciturn attitude, Cancer clearly lets the other person know that they are upset, but it can be easily calmed down by a little pacifying afterwards.On the contrary, if the other party is ignored, cancer will only cause more antipathy, and even at the way of fighting to vent their emotions.▍ Aries Aries personality, temper will not see time, as long as discontent will immediately anger, and with a silent and indifferent attitude towards each other, as more and more suffer indignities, the cold war, the longer the time is so long as found Aries people suddenly from warm to cold and silent, means they are very angry.When Aries is angry, they need others to take the initiative to enlighten and care for them. After all, once their stubborn temper comes up, it is difficult to dissipate their anger. If they have to rely on themselves to digest negative emotions, it will take a long time.