Xiong Lei alone to Du Xinzhi Guo Xikuan with disposable chopsticks, after all, lost to the reality, afraid

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This year, The two sides of xiong Lei and Tian Jing’s family are very filial piety, respectively, the old and the old received their own home to spend the New Year together.The two daughters-in-law in filial piety to the elderly are worth praising and learning.Tian Jing and Yao Wei two people to consider the two old people came to live in the home, but also to the husband and wife two people live in the big room to Xu Min and xiong Lei also drove the car to the two old man and sister-in-law family received the city to live, that is, the house.They also bought a lot of new clothes for the two elderly people, especially the fur that Du Xinzhi is wearing, which is worth tens of thousands of yuan.However, no matter how filial Xiong lei was to Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan, he was defeated by reality when he went to a dinner table.They specially gave Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan two people with disposable bowls and chopsticks, it seems that they are afraid and worried.In the latest video shot by Xiong Lei, the family is happy, including Du Xinzhi and his wife, Yao Wei’s real sister and brother-in-law, xiong Lei’s parents, and many children in his brother’s family, very happy.But du xinzhi and Guo Xikuan were holding disposable chopsticks at the table, and their bowls were also small paper ones. The others around them were using black chopsticks, of the kind commonly used at home, with ordinary porcelain bowls of course.In this way, it appears that Du Xinzhi Guo Xikuan and his wife are very special, if one family is worried about the serious epidemic outside now, then we eat with chopsticks, logically equipped chopsticks are the same.But why did du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan use disposable chopsticks and bowls?While others have used the normal bowl chopsticks, which is afraid of being infected by husband and wife.After all, Yao Ce is caused by liver problems caused by liver cancer, and the reason of all this is because his mother Du Xinzhi is pregnant that he suffered from big three Yang, she informed the hospital, but the hospital did not take it seriously, so Du Xinzhi identified the responsibility of the hospital.Therefore, Du xinzhi sued the hospital and finally the hospital compensated Du and Yao Ce more than 1 million RMB.Therefore, Xiong lei gave Du xinzhi and his wife disposable chopsticks, which are typically used by special people. Instead of washing them, they are thrown away directly. It is more hygienic and reassuring to use new chopsticks every time they eat.I believe that readers who have experienced, or have experienced these similar diseases in their families, should have such experiences!You can eat together, but you still have to have a special bowl and chopsticks to avoid infection, on the other hand, it also plays a role of self-comfort.So even if Xiong Lei no matter how filial Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan, also have to face the reality of the problem, to prepare disposable bowls and chopsticks for her in-laws.