30 new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangdong and parts of Dongguan were put at high risk

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(against COVID – 19) guangdong native 30 cases of confirmed cases of new dongguan area is adjusted for high-risk areas Saturday guangzhou February 26 (reporter Cai Minjie) release 26 health select committee, the province of guangdong province COVID – 19 epidemic situation, 24, 25, 0 to native province new confirmed cases of 30 cases, among them, 9 cases in shenzhen, zhuhai in 2 cases,Nineteen cases were reported in Dongguan.Nine asymptomatic local COVID-19 cases were reported in Shenzhen.According to the centers for disease control and prevention in dongguan 25 22 51 points, when 25, 14 and 21, dongguan reports 8 cases of positive case again, close contact with the previously reported cases found in the screen, are DaLang town YangChong Village some company employees, 19 confirmed cases were diagnosed as COVID – (light), has been transferred to the designated hospitals were isolation treatment.In accordance with the requirements of regional and hierarchical COVID-19 prevention and control, and with the consent of the COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Dongguan City, No. 82, 112, 124, 158, 168 and 238, Yangxin Road, Dalang Town, have been adjusted as high-risk areas since 17:00 on February 25.Starting from 21 o ‘clock on The 25th, those who really need to leave Dongguan for Guangdong province must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.In addition, 18 new cases were reported in Shenzhen from 00:00 to 24:00 on February 25, of which 9 were close contacts who had been quarantined since February 15, and 9 were found in nucleic acid screening in key areas.Guangdong has launched a new pre-check and triage health declaration card and electronic escort card system to standardize historical epidemiological inquiries and improve early detection capabilities, the Provincial Health Commission said Wednesday.The preview triage health declaration card and electronic escort pass system brings together guangdong kang code, national epidemic prevention health code, communication card, the information such as guangdong nucleic acid and high-risk areas in the country, the people in the complete preview after triage health declaration card application, present health code information directly, not need to switch repeatedly different software platform, improve the quality of hospital traffic efficiency and epidemiological investigation.Source: Chinanews.com