A four-year-old boy got lost. His seven-year-old brother came to claim him. His mother was in bed watching TV

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Source | city site comprehensive xinmin evening news, and news, the new evening news may not be reproduced without permission Sources such as delete recently, if a policeman in the street “pick up” to a 4 year old NanWa, but surprisingly, eventually to claim the child is not his mom and dad, but his brother at the age of 7.On the afternoon of January 25th, the Ganxiang police station of Shanghai Jinshan Public Security Sub-bureau received a call for help from the masses. There was a little boy wandering alone on the side of the road, suspected of being lost.Police rushed to the scene and found the four-year-old boy standing alone on the zebra crossing, asking for his home address and the names of his parents. The boy also mumbled and could not answer.As the police were preparing to investigate further, a middle-aged woman arrived with a boy.It turned out that the middle-aged woman was a kind man, helping a seven-year-old boy to find his brother.The 7-year-old told police that the boy was his younger brother and that they lived nearby.Later, the police followed his brother to find their home.On the way home, the elder brother told the police that they played together downstairs at home, tired of playing, he sat aside to rest, did not notice that his brother disappeared.When the police returned home with the boys, their mother was watching TV, unaware that her children had gone missing.Police will immediately inform the child lost his mother, and told the child young, do not cogitate effort, let brother with brother, in case of what accident, will regret.For the police’s help, the mother expressed her gratitude, but also said that she would not make such a mistake in the future.Police remind: The Spring Festival is approaching, relatively more outdoor activities, hope that the majority of parents must take good care of their children, to ensure that the children in their line of sight, if lost, please call 110 to the police for help.