From and away from not to drop, over and over bad, how to do

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“He can’t see what he has done for him. I don’t want to live with him,” an emotional mother posted.Comment area friend 1: “Carefully consider” friend 2: “Treasure mom, I have also moved this idea, we have also quarreled also make trouble, but have a child is not said but can not but, understand each other.” Friend 345678: “If you leave, how will the child do?Would you give it to him?Instead of giving it to him, you work and raise a baby?”This problem, I believe a lot of little sisters like me, often can see on the Internet, also have seen in the circle of friends, in the little sisters can also hear when chatting, village elder uncle aunt gossip also have.Do not say to leave the natural and unrestrained, but life must pass.Ask yourself, girls.If I were stripped of what I have, what would I have, and what would I have left in this world?Have you ever realized that you can hardly do anything?If so, start now, immediately, immediately to figure out what to do next, so that your mind is clear, not confused, to master more skills, not overwhelmed;Create achievement instead of passively accepting the status quo.Be patient for the long run.The fundamental difference between people is the difference in cognitive ability because cognition affects choices and choices change destiny, so the essence of growth is to make the brain’s cognition clearer.Reading is the world’s lowest cost, the biggest harvest of investment behavior 1, independent life, financial independence, spiritual independence.2. Be brave enough to leave the wrong person and leave a bad relationship.The wrong relationship will drain your mind and your life.Time that could have been spent studying, working, and improving the quality of your life is spent inflicting pain and suffering on each other.In the face of life, perseverance of courage.Don’t worry about what others think of you. Face and self-respect are meaningless. What matters most is survival and earning money.The word “money” here is the expression of value.4. Live in the moment and do what’s in front of you.Many people worry about the future all the time, but they don’t realize that the future is made up of countless todays and present-days. Solve the problems of the present and conscientiously do the things that should be done today.The future will spread out in the problems we solve in the moment.The sooner young people give up the idea of getting rich overnight and taking shortcuts, the sooner they realize that only by giving and accumulating little by little with their own hands can they buy the future and relieve the hardship of life, the shorter the journey out of the mud pit will be.Laziness makes people want to take shortcuts, those eager to get quick results will only confuse your judgment, let you fall into one temptation after another, pay a heavy price.Even in the depths of darkness, your mind must remain clear and steadfast to the problem at hand.Constantly upgrade and improve yourself, even if it’s just a little bit at a time.Know what is most important to yourself, learn to be content and grateful.Be a kind person.Native family _ — draw a line, draw a line on the spirit of soul weaning, which field parents can intervene, which field is absolutely can’t touch.By the time your child becomes an adult, your role as a parent is done and your child gradually doesn’t need you anymore.All you have to do is gradually withdraw from your children’s lives.Get along with him as a friend and observe the boundaries between friends.It’s no consolation that if you feel like you’re past your prime, that’s ok, because “now” is always the best time to start.”Grandma Moses” began to learn painting at the age of 76, and held individual exhibitions at the age of 80. Wang Deshun walked the catwalk at 79, and Chu Shijian started his business growing oranges at 74.Even if you are 60 years old, they can still tell you, “Don’t worry, son, you have at least 20 years to start again anytime…”This is a joke, of course, but the truth is obvious, because if you give up on growth, you will be the same in five years or ten years, but if you change, you may gain a new version of yourself.Life is not fixed, do not toss, time will also pass, so, to do better than never, better than to give up.