Green beautiful!Jinhua these places on the list of provincial quality demonstration list, are there any near your home

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Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department announced the 2021 provincial garden-style residential areas (units), high-quality comprehensive parks, greening and beautification demonstration road list.Jinhua has 5 residential areas, 4 units, 3 comprehensive parks and 4 roads on the list.Take a look at the specific list left 2021 garden residential area in zhejiang province (units), high-quality comprehensive park, beautify the demonstration road, JieRong ShiFan Street review results (jinhua) garden residential area yongkang jinjiang Minneapolis community dongyang pujiang than solid 8 Chinese redbud residence village residence village development zone, binjiang yongkang golden LanTing village, li states rose garden district garden unitYongkang city first middle school yongkang qianjiang water co., LTD., engaged in municipal sewage treatment plant in zhongshan middle school wuyi of zhejiang clearwater bay this hot spring resort hotel co., LTD., high-quality comprehensive park in yiwu thick park garden jinhua dongyang citizens wu city beautify the demonstration way long lake park jinhua precision.our area yongkang Jin Chenglu RenFang lanxi business street avenue (ChengDong Road – at spring east road)Zhuojiang Park is adjacent to Zhengjue Road in the north, Yangcun Road in the south, wutong Street and Xinke Road in the east and west. The project covers 141,000 square meters and is a green space for the park.The theme of the design is “Happy Life in the city, Feel clean kwun Tong”.The park is mainly divided into two areas: City Lok Wo and Kok Ching Kwun Tong.Dongyang Civic Garden Civic Garden is a representative comprehensive park in the cultural landscape belt of dongyang River.Dongyang Jiangbin cultural landscape belt and dongyang city flood control project, is a collection of leisure, recreation, fitness, assembly and other functions as a whole, dongyang city green construction is the characteristics of the bright spot, but also dongyang boutique city construction of the highlight.The park covers an area of 147,400 square meters with a green rate of 81.33%.Wu town lake park long lake park is located in wu city gold orchid central ring road and erhuanxi road middle, by the lake water conservancy park, long lake landscape issue, long lake landscape of phase ii and jas curtilage pocket park, is a pro level, stadiums, landscape gardening, fitness trails of landscape park project, through the jogging in the corridor, green facilities such as four blocks of organic combination.Renfang Street is one of the main entrances of Jinhua city. It starts from Huancheng South Road in the north and ends at Shibaili Interchange in the west. With a total length of about 4360 meters, it is an important road connecting the urban area to Yongkang and Wuyi.In 2018, Renfang Street was upgraded, adhering to the concept of “one scene all the way”, adhering to the principle of adapting measures to local conditions, saving ecology, and adapting to suitable places and trees, and laying pocket parks, landscape pieces and leisure greenways at multiple nodes.Lanxi Chuangye Avenue chuangye Avenue is the main east-west traffic trunk road in Xixi district of Lanxi City, with a total length of 4450 meters, a total width of 36 meters, and a total width of 8 meters of green isolation belt.The greening of the whole section is led by the city tree Camphor tree, with the rational allocation of red maple, Phyllostachys chinensis, photinia chinensis and other colored plants, and the planting of flowering plants such as Chinese rose and seasonal grass flowers, forming the urban garden landscape with rich spatial levels and visual color levels, and creating a good effect of urban forest.Yongkang Jincheng Road (East Chenglu — East Wangchun Road) is located in the core of the city, starting from The Gaozhen Business district in the east, ending at east Jiuling Road in the west, adjacent to the administrative center in the south, and adjacent to the science and technology hardware City in the north.The whole section has more than 50 kinds of plants, with a green area of about 3,500 square meters.A multi-level green pattern has been formed from tall trees to flowers and shrubs, small colored leaves and ground cover plants. After years of improvement and careful maintenance, it has reached the first-level green space conservation standard and become a beautiful road with flowers in spring, shade in summer, color in autumn and green in winter.Kaifa Avenue is an important urban trunk road in Wuyi County, starting from jinliwen Expressway entrance of Shangsong Line in the north and reaching Yangshan Road in the south.It is an important transportation hub in the backbone corridor of wuyi urban area.Road length is about 1.4 km, road width 25.6 meters, two-way 6 lanes of traffic, a total green area of 28684 square meters.Through careful maintenance and management, kaifa Avenue has formed pleasant and seasonal plant landscape community.Source edit | | jinhua news client Chen proofing | Chen Jieqi first-instance | NiHanXia second trial | | furien final wei-dong fan