How to get high marks in the 2022 Guangdong Provincial Examination without leading group interview?

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I am Wei Ge, click on the top of the “attention”, every day for you to share the public test application theory skills, help you quickly ashore!The 2022 Guangdong Provincial examination interview is about to start. Where are you preparing for the interview?In the past two years, guangdong province has adopted the non-leading group interview, and it is expected that this year’s interview will still be in the form of non-leading group discussion.Last time we introduced in detail what is the leaderless group interview, today to introduce you to the leaderless group interview scoring rules, to help you get high marks in the interview!(1) Communication skills Language expression is accurate, concise, smooth and clear, can well express their own meaning, good at using pronunciation, intonation, eyes and gestures.(2) Analytical ability Comprehensive and thorough analysis of the problem, clear point of view, new Angle, summarizes the ability of different opinions.(3) Interpersonal cooperation ability to respect others, good at listening to the opinions of others, good at leading the opinions of others to the same.(4) Planning ability To solve problems with clear and thorough thinking, logical and strong sense of time, and accurately grasp the key points to solve problems.(5) Self-confidence can speak actively, dare to express different opinions, good at putting forward new ideas and plans, when emphasizing their own views persuasive.(6) Good organization and coordination ability to eliminate tension and create an atmosphere in which everyone wants to speak, able to persuade others effectively, good at settling disputes.In the absence of leading group for the interview, the interviewer will be from the interaction between students comprehensive examination and grading of the examinee, during the interview, the interviewer will often from the following six aspects of behavior to evaluate candidates: (1) a number of how many, the quality of speech and he can seize the crux of the problem and put forward reasonable ideas and solutions.② Whether they can support or affirm others’ reasonable suggestions while putting forward their own opinions and plans.③ Can you listen to others’ refutations, do not interrupt others when they speak, and have the skills to refute others?(4) whether it can control the overall situation and eliminate tension;Be good at mediating controversial issues and persuading others, so that every participant can think positively and speak freely.⑤ Whether it has good language expression, analysis and judgment, reaction, self-control and other abilities and whether it has tolerance, sincerity and other good qualities.⑥ Is responsive, concise and comprehensive, take the initiative to speak.Non-leadership group interview is more difficult than structured interview, we must pay attention to practice at ordinary times, you can find the real questions in recent years to practice.In fact, if you want to get high marks in the interview, you must lay a solid foundation and have goods in your stomach. Only if you practice solid basic skills can you really improve your interview ability!