Lijin County Maternal and Child Health Care Center: to solve the problem of “raising children” and promote the work of festival protection

2022-05-30 0 By

“As a medical worker, my wife and I have to go to work during the Spring Festival, leaving our two children unattended.Now, the second child can go to the children’s center of the work unit for childcare, and the first one can do homework in the self-help study room. It really solved a big problem for us, so THAT I can work at ease.”A mention of the unit’s worker children care class, the workers are a strong point praise.In order to solve the workers’ worries, to ensure the orderly promotion of the work during the holidays, the county maternal and child health care center labor union held the workers’ children care class, make full use of the early development of children to promote the center and party members self-help learning room resource advantages, to solve the problem of winter vacation care of workers’ children.In combination with children of different ages, it provides services such as infant care, early childhood education, winter vacation homework guidance, and traditional culture courses, and has formulated relevant management systems to ensure that children can be well cared for and managed.The holding of the trusteeship class, full of care for the workers, so that we put down the “burden”, wholeheartedly into the work.County maternal and child health care center will be the most concerned about, the most expected things as the first to solve the problem, will work to do fine and solid, constantly improve cadres and workers to get a sense of happiness, enhance team cohesion, centripetal force, promote the healthy development of maternal and child health care.