This time, heat exchange dry noodles support sheng jian bao, more than heart thanks!

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On April 4, nucleic acid testing was carried out in Shanghai. Medical workers from all over the country came to various communities in Shanghai to participate in nucleic acid testing.In a community in Xinjing Town, Changning, a special medical worker came to the tent at the no.1 detection point today. Her name is Cheng Fang, head nurse of the intensive care Unit in the South District of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital.”Your mouth inside have insect insect, ouch, aunt did not see yo, good.”She is cheng Fang from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, who is gentle and patient with her children and meticulous in washing her hands.Under tent No. 1, today she is “working side by side” with community doctors in Shanghai, performing nucleic acid tests for nearly 400 residents of the community.Gold and silver lake in wuhan hospital in the southern district of icu nurses long-range fang said: “because we now local outbreak is not very optimistic, we have been in receiving patients, so we haven’t to gold and silver lake hospital before we sent the task of the foreign aid, but this is Shanghai, we gave the gold and silver pool 1 d 5 armor, basic standard came over.”Without hesitation, Cheng Fang and five of her teammates came to Shanghai. Today, they are scattered in five communities and join the team of Shanghai medical workers for nucleic acid testing.”When I first saw her, she was wearing the work clothes that said she was a doctor from Wuhan Jinyitan Hospital, so I’m very grateful,” said a volunteer from Xiehong Yuan, Xinjing Town, Changning District.Changning District Xinjing town lv12 residential district party general branch secretary He Jiayin said: “hot dry noodles to support sheng jian baozi, only two words, thank you, really very grateful.””I understand how they felt at that time, and they must understand how we feel now,” residents said. “Thank you very much. I just think we are confident that we can overcome the epidemic.””The whole nation is of one mind.”Volunteer of Xiehong Garden, Xinjing Town, Changning District, said: “Yesterday, when I saw the support from all over Shanghai, I was very grateful for your support, just like wuhan at that time, now everyone is coming to support Shanghai.Thank you very much. With so many people helping Shanghai, we can certainly pull through.”More than three hours, completed the residents of Xie Hong Yuan test, Cheng Fang temporarily took off the big white we saw her face for the first time, wearing the coat of Jinyintan Hospital, she is ready to move to the next community.Cheng Fang, head nurse of the South Intensive Care Unit of Wuhan Jinyantan Hospital, said: “I feel that wearing the clothes of Jinyantan is both an honor and a pressure. Wearing the clothes represents our entire Jinyantan and wuhan. I hope to do my best to help Shanghai fight the epidemic.”The streets of Shanghai were quiet, and Cheng Fang felt the same way.”People in Wuhan can understand the feeling of empty city. When I arrived in Shanghai yesterday, I felt like I was on the point of shedding tears.I’m not here to be a guest, I’m not here to talk big, I’m here to do what I can.””Fellow residents, one of the people in charge of sampling today is from Jinyintan Hospital. After the sampling is finished, please put on your masks and show your gratitude.”After a hard word, a sentence of thanks, Shanghai citizens from the heart.Community residents have compared heart: “thank you very much, Shanghai refueling, heart.””They understand us very well. It’s like heart to heart.””We should work together to do this well. I believe we can defeat (the epidemic). Come on.”On this day, Shanghai welcomed more “comrade-in-arms”, fighting side by side.Zhang Ting, a nurse at the Xinjing Town Community Health Service Center, said, “We have been screening and checking for 10 days. We are very grateful for their coming. Cheng Fang has inspired us and Shanghai will win.”After today, Cheng Fang and her colleagues will enter the makeshift hospital to participate in the treatment of patients, we are waiting for a bright day together.Cheng Fang said, “I didn’t say (when to return), and when the Shanghai support team arrived in Wuhan, we didn’t think about when to return. Maybe I don’t know about other hospitals, but I think we in Yintan feel this very deeply.I used to say that because one person falls in love with a city, Shanghai may be because of Director Zhong Ming and our Shanghai medical team. I think Shanghai is part of our gold and silver pool.Comrade-in-arms is a matter of life and death. When my comrade-in-arms need my help, I don’t need to think about why. I just need to go.”Source looks at news Knews editor Luo Hangnian editor Min Jieyang Tao