Winter Olympics to the world athletes will eat “magnetic state food”

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Axis at the winter Olympic Games food will also give athletes from all over the world to the thick layer upon layer screening for the early Chinese flavor axis five local delicacies wins the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing zhangjiakou division “menu” on the tip of the tongue of the games are a feast – worship ritual menu it includes research and development in our province dishes cuisine dishes 60 other provinces and cities 300 tao worship ritual menuMajority is hebei cuisine dishes naming material cutting technique with cooking taste even vessels are closely related to the characteristics of hebei food small make up today for your present winter Olympics table “magnetic state” drum braised braised son is unique to the magnetic state of delicious, production process heavy and complicated, and fresh fragrance 4 excessive, five golden phase modulation of stewing child look let a person’s mouth water.Around the mid-1990s, braised dumplings began to become fashionable, and there were few braised stalls in ordinary streets.Enter the hotel braised on the basis of traditional practices, and add new content, the price depends on the collocation of food ingredients.”Better three days without meat than one day without beans.”Guantai chicken juice and dried beans are made of high quality soybeans and can be used with any dish.Whether it is green onion salad, or pepper or celery stir-fry, pork, beef and other meat stir-fry, can be safe to eat, loved by the people.Cizhou white lotus root is “China’s geographical indication protection product”, far back in The Three Kingdoms, was listed as tribute.Cizhou white lotus root is rich in nutrition and contains a variety of trace elements. It is famous for its characteristics of white, thick and long, thin skin, crisp and tender, and no residue. The cold dish made with Chinese toon sprouts is crisp and sweet and delicious.Soft fried big whitebait soft fried big whitebait, from yuecheng reservoir selection of big whitebait.Round, slender and transparent, with a silvery color and tender meat, it is not only a high-end food ingredient, but also a first-class nourishing tonic.It is not made of bean flour, but of millet flour.Bean foam many practices in southern Hebei bean foam is the most traditional tunnel, bean foam translucent milky yellow, accompanied by red and green, delicate eye;Mellow millet aroma, with bean, sesame, peanut, and vegetable fragrance all in one, rich and tangy;The paste is thick and delicate, and the side dishes are crisp and smooth, with a long aftertaste.Drink a mouthful of bean foam, as if drinking a pot of intoxicating wine, full mouth stay fragrance.Source: Magnetic magnetic county responsible editor: Wang Jieren