2022 Elementary school mathematics training paper five free access to electronic files can be modified and printed

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1. There is a square grass with a side length of 4 meters and a tree on each corner with a sheep tied to each tree and a rope length of 4 meters. Then the grass area for both sheep to eat is square meters.2. Xiaoming’s family took in the family property insurance last year, the insurance amount was 20,000 yuan, and the annual insurance premium was 0.3% of the insurance amount. Because a color TV set and a bicycle were lost during the insurance period, the insurance company paid 2940 yuan.Xiao Ming’s family will spend 400 yuan more than before, and the color TV is 7 times more expensive than the bike, which costs yuan.3. Processing a batch of parts, originally planned to process 30 parts every day, when the completion of 1/3, due to the improvement of technology, the efficiency of 10%, the result of 4 days in advance to complete the task, this batch of parts in total?Mr. Zhang bought a house at 95% of the marked price, and sold it a few years later at 40% above the original marked price. During this period, the total price increase was 20%, and Mr. Zhang’s actual profit from buying and selling this house was %.Xiao Hua bought two same coats and a pair of trousers. Xiao Gang bought two same coats and two pairs of trousers. The ratio of the money they spent was 4:3.6. There are four classes in Grade 6, namely CLASS A, Class B, class C and CLASS D, excluding Class A, 131 students in the other classes, excluding class D, 135 students in the other classes. It is also known that the sum of class A and Class D is 4/5 of the sum of class B and class C.7, a and B two people successively from the same direction to swim forward in the same direction, now a is in the front, b is 20 meters away from the starting point, if B swam to the current position of a, a is 98 meters away from the starting point, then a is now meters away from the starting point.8. Both party A and Party B process the same number of parts at the same time. When Party A finishes 1/3 of the work, Party B still has 108 unprocessed parts, and when Party A finishes the work, Party B finishes 3/4 of the work.9. If party A, Party B and Party C jointly buy a car, party A and Party B will pay 1/4 of the total amount of money of the other two. If Party A and Party B each pay 30,000 yuan, then Party C will pay 6,000 yuan less than Party B, and the car will cost 10,000 yuan.Xiao Lin’s family go to the gym to watch a game. They walk for 5 minutes and then run for 8 minutes to get to the gym.When he came back, he walked for 10 minutes before he started running, which was 3 minutes and 15 seconds longer than when he left. The ratio of his running speed to his walking speed was.11. An aircraft carrying fuel can fly for 12 consecutive hours, leaving with a favorable wind and returning against the wind at a speed 20 percent slower, so that the aircraft can fly for no more than an hour before returning.12. Xiao Hong and Xiao Ming have a 100-meter race. When Xiao Hong runs 60 meters, Xiao Ming just runs 50 meters.(1) 2×3×5×2= two prime factors 2 and 5, the end of the product has a 0;(2) 2×2×7×5×3×5×5= there is a 0 at the end of the product;(3) 2×2×2×6×5×5×5×5×5 ×5×5= two prime factors 2 and 5, the end of the product has a 0;(4) 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x…Times 99 times 100 there are zeros at the end of the product.14. Xiao Ming walked to school from home in the morning, walked half the way, his father found Xiao Ming’s math book lost at home, then ride a bike to send books to Xiao Ming, catch up, Xiao Ming still have 3/10 of the way to finish, Xiao Ming then on his father’s car, sent by his father to school, so Xiao Ming walked alone 5 minutes earlier than school.How many minutes does it take Xiao Ming to walk from home to school?15. There are two cuboid glass jars (A and B) measured from inside, and their depths are equal. The bottom sides are squares of 4 decimeters and 5 decimeters respectively.Forward obtain electronic version Forward obtain electronic version