Lingbi, Anhui province reports on the investigation into the death of a 14-year-old student due to conflict

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According to the “Lingbi release” wechat public number news, Anhui Province Lingbi County Party Committee county government investigation team released on April 5 on the “Yu Gou Middle School student death” case investigation and disposal notice, the full text is as follows:On April 1, 2022 in the morning “fishing ditch school students died” case happens, suzhou municipal party committee municipal government attaches great importance to, required to quickly find out the facts, in accordance with the law and disposal according to regulation and to safeguard the public interests, timely response to social concern, and set up the municipal working committee, the city of political science and law, discipline, public security and procuratorial departments and so on, from the follow-up supervision.Provincial public security department sent expert group stationed in Lingbi County to guide the case investigation work.Lingbi County party committee county government immediately set up an investigation team, a comprehensive in-depth investigation and verification.The investigation and disposal situation is hereby notified as follows.The victim: Wang Mou Lei, male, born in November 2007, Lingbi County Yu Gou town Shenchang village people, Yu Gou Middle school eighth grade (8) class students, living in no. 1 student dormitory 206 dormitory.Suspects: Xu Mou Bang, male, born in October 2007, Lingbi county fishing ditch town Shen Zhai village people, fishing ditch middle school eighth grade (12) class students, and the victim department primary school five, six grade classmates, live with 206 dormitory.Witnesses: Wei mou, Wang Mou, Li Mou, Liu xx, Yang Mou, Liu xx are all grade one students of Yugou Middle School, respectively live in dormitory 207, 303 and 310 of no.1 student dormitory building.Basic information of the case: After investigation by the public security organ, at 20:40 on March 31, 2022, the school had evening self-study and dismissed;At 20 ∶ 50 xu, Wang Mou Lei, Xu Mou bang has returned to 206 dormitory;At 21:58, according to the school dormitory management regulations, dormitory 206 lights out.At 22:7 to 22:47, Wang Mou Lei to 207 dormitory invited Wang mou, Yang Mou, Wei mou to 206 dormitory door.During the period, Wang Lei borrow toilet paper to Xu Mou Bang, xu mou bang refused, Wang Mou Lei then rummages xu mou bang wardrobe, the head of a bed, Xu Mou Bang saw kicked Wang Mou Lei, Wang Mou Lei fight back, the two sides verbal, physical conflict.In the conflict, Xu bang will Wang Lei fell to the ground, and its pressure under.Seeing this, Wang mou, Wei mou, Yang mou came forward to xu Mou bang open.Soon after two people separated, Wang Mou Lei again and Xu Mou bang confrontation, two people about only shoulder impact, Wang Mou Lei was hit to the ground, after two people separated again.Soon after, Wang Mou Lei and Xu Mou Bang again confrontation, mutual boxing each other, Xu Mou Bang hit Wang Mou Lei upper body, Wang Mou Lei felt uncomfortable, the two sides stop the conflict.At 22:47 to 23:15, Xu Mou bang, Wang mou, Wei Mou, Yang mou, Li Mou, Liu xx have come to 207 dormitory.At 23:15 to 23:56, Wang Mou Lei came to 207 dormitory, and to fight with Xu Mou Bang.Two people fight each other, Xu bang hit Wang Lei left chest, Wang Lei then covered his chest and collapsed to the ground.At this time, Liu entered the 207 dormitory, saw the situation with Li mou, Wang mou and others through Baidu picture search first aid methods, and took cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration, towel wipe face and other measures.At 23:56, Liu xx downstairs called to the dormitory administrator Sun Mou Qing.At 23:57, Sun qing arrived at dormitory 207, patted Wang Lei’s face and pressed her, but Wang lei did not respond.At 23:59, Sun mou qing dial 120 emergency telephone.At 0 10 on April 1, 120 medical staff rushed to the scene, after the examination preliminary judgment Wang Lei has no signs of life, continue to rescue to 0 40 xu, confirmed that Wang Lei has died.At 0:25, Wang mou Lei’s head teacher Wang Mou qi arrived at 207 dormitory.At 0:27, Lingbi County public Security Bureau 110 command center received wang flag alarm.After the police rushed to the scene, 7 relevant personnel to control and take away from the investigation, the same day to the criminal suspect Xu mou state to take criminal compulsory measures.At 19 o ‘clock on April 4, the municipal and county public security organs, together with the Political and Legal Committee and the procuratorial organs, notified the above investigation to the relatives of the victim Wang Mou Lei and the professionals invited by his family, and responded to the questions raised by the relatives one by one.Ii. Verification of Social Concerns 1. On the question of “Whether multiple people beat one person”.After the public security organs investigation visit, scene investigation, technical inspection and confession of the suspect, to find out the case occurred in the process, only Wang Mou Lei, Xu Mou Bang two people physical conflict, other students are not involved in the fight.2. The question about “whether the suspect is the nephew of the principal”.Through the public security organs of the fishing ditch middle school principal Wu Mou Wei, suspects Xu Mou Bang and other six students present family social relations to investigate, find out the suspect Xu Mou Bang and other six students present and fishing ditch middle school principal Wu Mou Wei are no relatives.3. The question about “how the skinny suspect punched the tall victim to death”.Through the investigation of the public security organs, the victim Wang Mou Lei, male, 14 years old (born on November 9, 2007), 167 cm in height, 62.5 kg in weight;The suspect Xu Mou Bang, male, 14 years old (born on October 23, 2007), 172 cm tall, 69.5 kg weight.According to the autopsy, Wang Mou Lei was left chest blunt force caused by cardiac shock arrhythmia death.The next step will be to make a final identification based on forensic pathology tests.4. The question of “identity of the victim’s father”.Via public security investigation, the victim Wang Mou Lei’s father Wang Mou he, Lingbi County fishing ditch town Shen Field village, farming.In the video circulating online, the person in camouflage is Wang Mou Yu, the fifth uncle of wang Mou Lei.5. The question about “how did the suspect Xu Bang stay in dormitory 206”.After investigation by the public security organ, the victim Wang Mou Lei’s father Wang Mou he paid 800 yuan to Yugou Middle School for accommodation on February 18, 2022, and Yugou Middle School arranged Wang Mou Lei in dormitory 206.The dormitory last semester arranged by the school a senior three student Ma xx rental, because Ma xx will participate in the classified college entrance examination this semester, therefore, Ma xx and Wang Mou Lei negotiation, ma xx paid wang Mou Lei 300 yuan, accommodation to Ma xx to participate in the classified college entrance examination.During the period, because xu mou bang and Wang Mou Lei department of five, six grade primary school classmates, Xu Mou Bang to Wang Mou Lei put forward, think of 206 dormitory and Wang Mou Lei live together, two people agreed by the dormitory manager, Xu Mou bang in mid-March 206 dormitory (there are four beds).After living together for a week, Ma moved out of dormitory 206.After consultation, Xu mou bang paid Ma so-and-so 50 yuan, and promised to pay Wang Mou Lei 200 yuan, to the case did not pay.6. The question of “whether the video of many students beating circulated online is related to this case”.After the public security organs check, the online spread of multiple beating students video malicious grafting, has nothing to do with the case.Currently, the public security organs have been involved in the investigation, will be investigated in accordance with the law.The incident is deplorable and regrettable, and we express deep sympathy to the relatives of the victims.The case exposed the yugou Middle school campus safety management responsibility implementation is not in place, currently Yugou Middle school principal Wu Mou Wei has been suspended, discipline inspection and supervision organs have started the investigation procedure, the later will be based on the investigation facts and responsibility determination situation, seriously investigate the relevant units and responsible persons.At the same time, our county learned from the lessons, in the county organized to carry out campus safety education and hidden trouble investigation and rectification special action, comprehensively strengthen campus safety management.In the next step, under the supervision and support of all sectors of society, the county will do its best to do a good job in the follow-up investigation and disposal of the case, to ensure that the case is handled fairly and in accordance with the law, and to safeguard the dignity of the law and social equity and justice.Lingbi County Party Committee county Government investigation team April 5, 2022