Special Ops 34: Slaughterhouse head on

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Wu Mei gave the important task to boss Zhu, Wu Jie was very unhappy.Yang Shu and Qu Bo came to the slaughterhouse, but did not expect to be zhu boss will be an army, and cut off all contact.Chen editor let Yang Shu and Qu Bo report to the computer, Yang Shu and Qu Bo had to mention Lin Yi, Qin Guan and Ning Meng immediately aware of the slaughterhouse accident.Qin guan sends people to escort Oqi, and takes the rest of the people to the slaughterhouse. The terrorists find that the micro-drone is close to the slaughterhouse and immediately cut it off. Blue Electricity must deal with the terrorists in 30 minutes.Because Of Yang Shu and Qu Bo, blue electric can not launch a strong attack, so the use of stealth mode of action.Wu Mei found the armed police came, quickly let zhu boss the two armed police in hand when chips, Wu Jie play, Wu Mei or too lazy to listen to his nonsense.Blue electric two groups arrived at the designated place to open the signal shielding, Qin Guan went into the slaughterhouse to rescue Yang Shu and Qu Bo, Wu Jie repeatedly said zhu boss and armed police contact, finally put zhu boss crowded down, got the execution of the important task, Wu Mei let him on the roof to assassinate Oqi, Wu Jie was triumphant.Yang Shu and Qu Bo were tortured did not leak half sentence, two like pork was hung up, cruel means.Qin Guan into the slaughterhouse after the smooth find two people saved them, Ning Meng and Chen Haozhe received instructions to slaughter house attack immediately, and Chen editor also gave them a wireless interference, all the equipment lost contact.Qin Guan and the players can not contact, Chen Haozhe was also shot and injured in the process of battle, Li Sisi collapse to continue to contact Qin Guan.Chen editor found the position of Tong Mengyao, Tong Mengyao also found contact qin Guan, quickly picked up the computer to go out looking for signals, just met the terrorists sent by Wu Mei.Everyone inside the slaughterhouse is still out of contact and in danger.Ouqi and his wife are on the way to the opening ceremony, Guo Xiaowei found that qin Guan and Chen Haozhe could not contact them to know that the signal should be interfered, but will soon arrive at the slaughterhouse.Slaughterhouse rooftop Wu Jie, eyeing, qin they must be in tiantai, tapping ShangTianTai must be taken to stop their plans, qin gave Yang Shu landing for her to block out the terrorists, this time is very dangerous, wave of words is can also be regarded as a kind of happiness, together with Lin Yi Yang Shu nothing words, if killed when went home,They want to make the living better!Qin Guan and Qu Bo set out to tiantai, Yang Shu alone to deal with the terrorists outside.The oqi team has arrived, Wu Jie’s gun is ready to fire, Qin Guan and Qu Bo successfully catch him before the shooting arrived, and stopped Wu Jie from shooting.Tong mengyao was shot by the terrorists, counter-killed when they thought she was dead, picked up the computer again to crack the interference, and then fainted from her injuries.Yang Shu’s situation is not optimistic, Qin Guan let Ning Meng to support Yang Shu, while he is still fighting with the terrorists on the rooftop, Wu Mei lost her temper because of wu Jie’s failure, and did not want to save him.Tong regained consciousness after a brief coma and picked up the computer again.Qu Bo and Qin Guan outflanked wu Jie in a roundabout way, Tong Mengyao found a number is calling, qin Guan mentioned liu Yuxi’s name.It is Wu Mei kidnapped Liu Yuxi’s parents to coerce her to do things for themselves, blue electricity immediate action.Chen Haozhe side of the terrorists are still in the fight, Yang Shu was seriously injured after an explosion, Ning Moon arrived in time to save Yang Shu.