Take stock of dingxi, Wuwei fifteen specialty, accompany you prosperous New Year

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Speciality in dingxi dingxi is located in the loess plateau and the western qinling mountain intersection area, the potato, potato, potato, dingxi can not only these three big treasure, the hometown of the hometown of Chinese angelica, astragalus, codonopsis, the hometown of rich specialty is bearing the weight of the glory of the sweat, is not only a trump card and card, more is bearing the weight of the pills of long tunnels in the earth’s most meals.Potato Dingxi is one of the main potato producing areas in China, and also one of the most suitable areas for potato cultivation in China.In Dingxi, there is the most important potato processing and manufacturing industry in China, and there are national trading and wholesale markets. A large number of Dingxi potatoes are shipped to all parts of the country, and even exported to foreign countries.Dingxi on the tip of the tongue, a bowl of human fireworks taste.More than 100 dishes can be made from ordinary potato ingredients.Potato has not only become a characteristic of Dingxi “name card”, but also become a powerful “engine” to drive farmers towards well-off.”Potato” light, “bitter armour” is not, “sweet” long!There is no end in sight for the potato to “advance”…Preserved pork Longxi preserved pork is a traditional gansu cuisine, delicious in color, smell and taste.This dish has a long history.It is recorded that the curing of longxi preserved pork began during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.The method is to marinate pork with more than a dozen seasonings, including salt, pepper, cumin, ginger peel, cinnamon and daixiang, and then expose it to the sun to give it its distinctive flavor.Longxi unique climate conditions, suitable for curing cured meat, its original taste, delicious color and unique flavor by consumers.Historically, Longxi preserved pork has been widely known in northwest China and has been sold to Lanzhou and Xi ‘an for a long time.Dingxi of Astragalus membranaceus is one of the important producing areas of authentic medicinal materials in China. It has been known as the “hometown of medicine for thousands of years” since ancient times. Longxi county, Minxian County and Weiyuan County are respectively the “Hometown of Astragalus membranaceus in China”, “Hometown of Angelica sinensis in China” and “Hometown of Dangshen in China”.Chinese medicinal materials in Dingxi area occupy more than 20% of the national market and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.Angelica min, Min County specialty.Minxian county is rich in angelica, red astragalus, astragalus membranaceus, Dangshen, Bupleurum, rhubarb, fritillaria and other 238 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials, known as the “millennium medicine township”, especially to “min GUI” well-known at home and abroad.As early as the 6th century, Angelica is an extremely precious tribute, with high medicinal and edible value, accounting for 70% of the country’s total output.According to the study, there are 106 kinds of volatile and water-soluble substances in min.It is famous at home and abroad for its best quality, rich content, the largest yield, the most widely sold, exported to southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and the United States and other more than 20 countries and regions, known as the “Chinese gynecological ginseng” by the European people, is the world’s top angelica.Dangshen Weiyuan County is the birthplace of the ancient Weihe River, located at the intersection of the southern geosyncline of the West Qinling Mountains and the loess plateau.The dry mountainous area in the north has deep soil layer, which is suitable for planting Codonopsis pilosula. The cultivated codonopsis pilosula is known as the “hometown of Codonopsis pilosula” because its skin and meat are solid, fragrant and sweet, and of good quality.Broad bean Dingxi Zhang county broad bean quality is unique.It is famous for its unique biological characteristics, economic value and edible value.Fava beans get county fine cultivation way is unique, and growth in the unique natural conditions, with bean son, DouBanEr and green beans for human consumption, high nutritional value, rich in protein, vitamin B1, B2 and minerals, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other nutrients, carbohydrate content 47% ~ 60%, protein content of 24% to 28.5%;Fava beans, green beans can be cooked, Fried, Fried, broad bean powder or cooking or soup made sauce, food is very delicious, taste good, especially the beans, pickled cabbage, beans and bacon in garlic and oil beans butyl bamboo shoots, green beans, scrambled eggs, green beans, corn land, tomato liquor beans, such as the unique local flavor, is the finest delicacy, etc (3), for the top grade of service,Fava bean products become the best gifts for visiting relatives and friends.Sea buckthorn dingxi Zhangxian county is rich in sea buckthorn, the history of “Wuyang (now Zhangxian county) sea buckthorn, sweet taste and sweet juice, bright color and thin skin, all over the mountains and fields, can be a unique”.Its distribution is wide, the area is big, the excellent quality can be seen.Edible sea buckthorn fruit, flavour acid with the usual, contains a large amount of trace elements necessary for human body, amino acids and fat (to go nuclear in fruit, inclusive of our 1.93% glucose, 1% fructose, malic acid, 2.64% fat, 8.8%), is brewing, wine, drinks, jam green production quality raw materials, medical benefit lung, an aphrodisiac, nourishing the stomach, spleen, activating blood, blood and other pharmacological effects,Especially the high content of vitamin C, known as the king of vitamin C and “little ginseng”.In July 2011, Zhangxian county was officially named as “The Hometown of Sea buckthorn of China” by the Recommendation and Publicity Activities Organizing Committee of the Hometown of Chinese specialty.Wuwei specialty as the “town of melons and fruits” in Gansu, Wuwei not only has delicious melon, unique plateau desert terrain, more conducive to the growth of a variety of species, so that here pregnant the output of the most diverse rich specialty.Minqin lamb in minqin county in gansu province is located in the northwest, east, west, north three sides surrounded by tengger desert and the badain jaran desert, desert climate and natural seaweed has produced lamb unique flavour, with no cheat no shan, not fat is not greasy, soft hard moderate, delicious quality, can be cooked stewed, Fried roast mutton series package, not only become the most important content in minqin diet culture,And in the friends all over the world left “Hangzhou beautiful scenery, minqin mutton fragrant” reputation.White yak grows in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Wuwei, because of the unique Tianzhu, so named “Tianzhu White yak”, its growth in the altitude of more than 3000 meters of cold area, is a rare local group in China.This breed of animal is adapted to the ecological environment of hypoxia and low air pressure in high cold, and can make full use of the alpine grassland which is difficult to be used by other livestock to produce milk, meat, wool, skin and other products.Its meat is tender, delicious, palatability is good, with high protein, low fat significant characteristics, is pure natural green food.White yak tail can make beard, wig, fly and sword tassels, etc.White yak wool can be processed a variety of high – grade plush fabrics, coarse hair dyeing can be processed carpet.Wuwei wine wuwei wine has a long history, the eastern Han Dynasty Liangzhou grape has been famous, liangzhou wine is delicious mellow and become the capital of the drinking treasures, liangzhou wine in the ancient poets have also been very popular.With a long tradition of wine culture, superior geographical location, unique climatic conditions and sweet qilian snow water, wuwei grape planting and wine brewing provide advantaged and advantageous conditions, the production of sweet and refreshing grapes, moderate sugar content, wine brewing is exported to overseas.At present, the grape planting base of more than 200,000 mu provides a solid raw material foundation for Wuwei wine brewing.Minqin dates have been cultivated for more than 200 years, with thin skin, thick flesh and sweet seeds.Each hectogram including protein 1.2 g – 3.3 grams, sugar 24%, vitamin C80 mg, also contains hawthorn acid, phosphoric acid, adenosine and triterpene compounds, per hundred kilograms can amount to 600 kilocalorie quantity of heat, nourishing the stomach invigorating spleen, beneficial blood strong god, anti-cancer anti-cancer function, are natural medicine in the treatment of hypertension food, is also a natural double deficit patients of tonic.The annual output is about 3,000 tons.Quanshan Town is the main production area of CN-1 big black melon seeds and “Xinjiang Garden Slice” black melon seeds in Minqin County. The black melon seeds are big in size, uniform in shape, thin in shell and thick in meat, rich in taste and mellow in oil, with A high percentage of grain yield. The quality of black melon seeds has reached the standard of A-class extra-large melon, ranking first among similar products and winning the international gold award.The average diameter of melon seeds is 11-13mm, and the longitudinal diameter is 16-18mm. It is famous at home and abroad for its black outside and white inside, clear color, like longan, and its products are mainly sold to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries.Wuwei camel hair camel hair by length, fineness, tension, elasticity and use of iguana hair, normal hair, fine hair, it is slender and uniform fiber, tension, good elasticity, small specific gravity, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali stability, light and warm, simple color, hygroscopicity is strong,Is the production of high – quality coat, sports shirts, camel blankets and mechanical equipment in the lining, lining cloth, high – quality conveyor belt of first-class raw materials.Camel hair blended with fine wool, semi-fine wool or cashmere can be made into novel, gorgeous, smooth and full high-grade plain weave fabrics and blankets.The camel hair produced in Minqin County is of good quality and good color, mostly yellow or brown-red, which is one of the important traditional export commodities of the country. The camel hair blanket produced by this kind of camel hair, with smooth and soft feel, natural and elegant color, has a unique style and is exported to overseas markets.Minqin suo Yang Suo Yang, also known as elixir, ground hair ball, rust iron rod, suo Yan zi.It likes to be born in the dry sandy land containing salt and alkali, parasitizing on the roots of Nitraria SPP., usually in March, September, spring and autumn.The whole plant of Cynomorium cynomorium is used for medicine, which can supplement the essence and cure kidney, and has the effect of enhancing human immunity and anti-aging.The stem contains starch, can make cake and wine, also can eat raw, taste slightly sweet and astringent.Minqin cumin tea cumin tea is made by stir-frying minqin cumin with a small amount of cynomorium and cistanche through six processes.The sex is warm, tiny, quite dry.Suitable for seasoning and spices.Fennel is one of the ten gansu medicines, and the yield of Gansu province accounts for about 65% of the national total, of which Minqin is the largest with more than half.Minqin cumin is produced in Tenggeli Desert and Badain Jalan Desert. It has long illumination time, large temperature difference between day and night, uniform and full particles, fragrant smell and excellent quality. It is the “outstanding” of similar products.Source: Micro tour gansu