Who is more tolerant of driving, Hyundai or Volkswagen?What sells badly is not necessarily of poor quality

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When Chinese car owners buy a car, one of the most important points is the durability of the vehicle. Many car owners want to “choose a car and accompany it for life”. In terms of hyundai or Volkswagen, which one has better durability?Some might say, of course, is the public better, after all, vw’s sales in China nearly ten times higher than modern car, they are not an order of magnitude of car brands, Chinese owners chose to public, because the public is ground, Volkswagen’s quality are also more trustworthy, is it really the case?I have surveyed nearly 100 car owners, including hyundai car owners, Volkswagen car owners and owners of other brands, and they believe that the durability of Hyundai cars is 90% better than Volkswagen cars. Even some Volkswagen car owners agree that the reliability of Hyundai cars is better.Perhaps the above simple data is not enough to convince many consumers, so I checked the relevant information.In recent days, the j. d. Power has just released the 2022 car quality list, in the list, Korean cars like the stars shining, its kia, hyundai, Czech, Seth three car brands, respectively ranked the first, third, fourth, and Volkswagen, is below the average, most owner holds a negative attitude on it,Authoritative data has well verified that “Hyundai’s durability and customer satisfaction are indeed better than Volkswagen’s”!Durability Analysis of Modern Cars Why is the durability of modern cars so good?This is closely related to hyundai motor’s pursuit of quality control.Hyundai has five major research and development center in the whole world, it makes models, have been fully localization test, according to the consumer habits of the local owners, made a special research and development strategy, to adapt to the local car owner’s habits, and in the local drivers driving habits as a benchmark, was carried out on the vehicle durability development work, such vehicles, it may be able to run;In addition, for the durability of the vehicles, hyundai has its own evaluation strategy, such as the actual road durability test, simulation road durability test, bench endurance test, durability of local high temperature, cold, high altitude, etc., all kinds of mode to run down, the durability of the car mileage of at least 300000 km +.For the core parts of the car, such as engine, transmission and chassis structure, Korean cars are “self-produced and self-sufficient”. In terms of power system matching and chassis system adjustment, Korean cars can achieve the most comfortable and professional degree, which is also the premise to fully ensure the durability of the vehicle.We can take a look at some models of modern cars, such as Elantra, Sonata, Yue Moving, name map, etc., which models because of poor durability and by the owners of ridicule?Why is Volkswagen ridiculed for its durability?As one of the world’s top five auto companies, Volkswagen is definitely an auto company that “needs strength, technology and brand”. If it makes up its mind to make a vehicle with excellent durability, Volkswagen can definitely do it.But germans for car manufacturing more in line with European standards, the germans pay more attention to the vehicles driving feeling, they are eager to have a good handling, driving surging, stable quality and sense of science and technology outstanding models, but also give attention to both the vehicle’s fuel consumption characteristics, therefore, vw will all kinds of new technology is applied to its production models,For example, turbocharged engine, cylinder closure technology, dual clutch transmission and so on are often mentioned. The use of new technology will inevitably affect the durability and stability of the vehicle, thus affecting the reputation of the automobile brand.In recent years, people are deeply dissatisfied with the dual clutch transmission of Volkswagen. The phenomenon of acceleration and failure, abnormal sound of gear shift, and overheating of clutch appear frequently. More people jokey: “If you buy Volkswagen dual clutch, you are not on the way to repair the car, or in the process of repairing the car”;In addition to the dual clutch transmission, Volkswagen 2.0T turbocharged engine appeared to burn oil phenomenon, Tiguan L owner shouted Volkswagen “take oil to refuelling, each refuelling, must add some oil”;With the emergence of national Vi emission regulations, the emission system GPF of Volkswagen also suffered from blockage failure, and the failure light was often displayed on the instrument panel.Around 2015, Volkswagen Sagitar was exposed to chassis fracture, causing hidden dangers in driving safety, while Volkswagen Passat’s safety created the “worst establishment of CIPRI”. Under the influence of all kinds of negative news, Volkswagen, which had always been calm and steady, immediately became less attractive.In conclusion, in terms of durability of Volkswagen and Hyundai, it is clear that Hyundai has the upper hand!