Zou Shiming’s wife responds to plastic surgery rumors!Tell the truth this time, do the netizens believe it?

2022-05-31 0 By

When it comes to Chinese boxing, zou Shiming’s name must be familiar to everyone.Zou has competed in three Olympic Games in his career, winning two Gold MEDALS and one bronze medal.Zou began his career as a professional boxer after winning the Gold medal at the London Olympics.In his career, Zou Shiming also got the golden belt, which symbolizes the boxing champion. Everyone is very positive about Zou Shiming’s achievements.Zou shiming has a stylish wife, Ran Yingying, who often shows off her looks online.Some fans even suspect that she has had plastic surgery, as her makeup looks different every time.Zou’s wife, Ran Yingying, rarely speaks publicly about her plastic surgery. For Zou, the most important thing she needs to do is to be herself, and that’s someone else’s right.Of course, Ran sometimes needs to defend her own interests.Recently, she revealed that her eyelashes have been grafted on by herself. “Bridge of nose and upper lip, cheekbones, highlights, eyebrows and hair are the same color, just a little stroke,” she said, revealing that her facial features are all original.”I’m too busy at work to do anything, haha, but NO matter how busy I am, I want to make the most of every minute.”This time, Ran revealed the truth to her fans, and judging by her remarks, she did not admit that she had had plastic surgery.Will her fans believe her?I believe it’s all in the eye of the beholder.Of course, no matter whether Ran gets plastic surgery or not, it is her personal right, because cosmetic surgery is nothing new these days, and even if Ran gets plastic surgery, people will understand.As Zou’s wife, Ran Yingying has attracted a lot of attention, because she is the woman behind Zou, and she is a very intelligent woman. Besides her own efforts, Ran Yingying has also contributed to zou’s success.It is also believed that although Zou has left boxing, he and Ran will continue to fight and create new glory in the future.Ran Yingying and Zou Shiming have three children together, and their three sons are all very cute and thriving.We also believe that this family of five will be able to show you more beautiful in the future, hope they can live a happier life, we will always pay attention to the growth of these children, hope they can be like their parents, become useful talents to the society.