Attention!Hong Kong is facing a severe epidemic, and shenzhen port has detected a number of positive cases of cross-border truck drivers

2022-06-01 0 By

It is reported that the epidemic situation in Hong Kong worsened sharply after the Spring Festival, and the number of new confirmed cases in a single day hit a new high.On February 9, 1,161 new cases were reported, breaking the 1,000 mark for the first time.As of midnight On February 14, Hong Kong’s department of Health reported 2,071 new confirmed cases, more than 2,000.The number of newly confirmed cases in Hong Kong stood at 1,619 as of midnight On February 15, with about 5,400 preliminary confirmed cases, the Department of Health said on Monday.(A preliminary confirmed case is a person who has tested positive outside the DEPARTMENT of Health and has to be retested by the Department of Health.)In addition, 103 medical and civilian staff were confirmed by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority yesterday, the highest single-day number since the fifth wave of the epidemic began in Hong Kong.The University of Hong Kong’s school of Medicine has suggested that a lockdown is the best solution that could contain 85 percent of the spread of the virus.Carrie Lam said at a press conference on Monday that the Hong Kong SAR government has no plan to “lockdown” the city, and will adhere to the dynamic clearance, reiterating that surrendering to the virus is not an option.The Hong Kong government has further tightened social distancing measures in the face of the worst coronavirus outbreak in two years.As for the current situation of shortage of goods and soaring vegetable prices in Hong Kong, Mrs Lam pointed out that at present, 8,000 cross-boundary drivers are responsible for transporting fresh vegetables and food to Hong Kong every day. However, due to the epidemic situation in Hong Kong, many drivers are infected. According to the arrangement negotiated with Guangdong Province, these drivers cannot be exempted from quarantine for 14 days.As a result, more than 20% of drivers are currently unable to transport goods across borders, resulting in supply delays and rising vegetable prices.She said Hong Kong’s Transport and Housing Bureau was doing its best to respond, including recruiting more cross-border lorry drivers and ensuring they tested negative for nucleic acid every day before they could work.Shipping companies are also being contacted to consider shipping supplies to Hong Kong by water.Twelve cross-border truck drivers tested positive for nucleic acid at shenzhen port on Feb 15, according to the Port Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government.The 12 patients are the 36th to 47th positive cases of cross-border drivers detected at Shenzhen ports since February 4.At a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held in Shenzhen on February 14, the deputy director of the Port office of Shenzhen said that the prevention and control measures for cross-border truck drivers from Guangdong and Hong Kong have been further strengthened recently through communication and consultation between the two sides.Starting from midnight on February 7, cross-boundary lorry drivers will be required to take nucleic acid samples at the same time they enter Hong Kong by showing a negative nucleic acid test within 24 hours.Cross boundary goods vehicle drivers must make an appointment to declare using the Cross Boundary Security System before entering China.Hong Kong-Guangdong cross-boundary lorry drivers will be prohibited from entering communities and public places after they enter Hong Kong.At the same time, the nucleic acid test for drivers on the mainland has been adjusted to one test per day and they must have a negative nucleic acid test report within 24 hours before entering the operation.In addition, port Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government announced on April 14 that the cargo inspection function of Wenjindu port will be adjusted after communication and consultation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, in order to meet the daily needs of Hong Kong citizens and ensure the normal customs clearance of cross-border vehicles supplying fresh goods to Hong Kong due to the severe and complex epidemic situation in Hong Kong.From 0:00 on February 14, 2022, Wenjindu Port will only be used for cross-border vehicles supplying fresh and fresh goods to and from Hong Kong. During the epidemic period, cross-border vehicles transporting other goods must pass through other ports.Those who do not comply with the epidemic prevention and control regulations will be disqualified from cross-border transport exemption depending on their circumstances.(Circle card has been added here, please check it on toutiao client)