“Frontier” Phecas 9000 flagship to now only 2 new machine into the network?Blue green red rice who are you waiting for

2022-06-01 0 By

At the end of 2021, Mediatek released the first of a new generation of flagship SoC based on TSMC’s 4nm process — Breguet 9000. After the snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship came on the market one after another, it also triggered people’s increasing expectations for Breguet 9000 models. However, the production time of Breguet 9000 is much later than that of Snapdragon 8 Gen1.Yesterday mediatek and handset manufacturers officially announced that the first Phecas 9000 flagship, OPPO Find X5 Pro Phecas edition will be released on February 24, and despite the official announcement of February 24 release, there are also sources that “Find X5 Pro Phecas version will be released later, not enough”.It can be seen that the shipment time and quantity of Phecda 9000 is really not as big as snapdragon 8 Gen1’s new flagship.Specific Phecas 9000 models in addition to the official announcement of Find X5 Pro Phecas version, the spot-breaking talent revealed that the only two network on OPPO and Redmi, Redmi is K50 Pro series, as for Vivo X80 series also have two Phecas 9000 models but not yet network,So users waiting for phecda 9000 flagship will really have to wait a little longer.Which tuning do you prefer for the Breguet 9000?The recent hot