There are a lot of new things coming: there are foldable screens, and there are new tablets

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From mi 12 series, true GT2 series to OPPO Find X5 series, oneplus 10 Pro, honor Magic4 series, basically the mainstream manufacturers have released the new generation of flagship phones.By contrast, one manufacturer is much quieter.That’s Vivo, but this one isn’t quiet fast either.This time, there’s a good chance vivo will release the Vivo X Fold, Vivo X Note, and Vivo Pad in one go.On March 25, Vivo made a warm up, only saying that I will see you next Monday, it seems that we will have to wait until next week to confirm the specific product launch.However, from the official poster, it is almost certain that this is a foldable phone. If there is no accident, it will be the Vivo X Fold revealed earlier. If there is an accident, it will be an accident.But there are few surprises because the phone is already connected to the Internet.The Vivo X Fold, V2178A, is a foldable phone with a 6.53-inch single screen, a 1080P resolution, and an 8-inch, perforated inner screen.It looks like the phone’s overall body size is expected to be similar to that of the Glory Magic V.The Vivo X Fold will also feature a 2K+120Hz E5 LTPO screen from Samsung and UTG glass for added reliability.On top of that, there’s a good chance that DC dimming will be supported.If this is true, it is once again proof that LTPO and DC can exist together, as was already proven in the glory Magic4 series.It’s worth noting that not only will the Vivo X Fold be able to control creases well, but it will also be the first to support ultrasound fingerprints, a first for a foldable screen.Therefore, for the most important inner screen of folding screen, vivo X Fold’s quality will be quite excellent at present, now it depends on whether the outer screen can guarantee quite availability.In other peripheral configurations, Vivo X Fold will also come with a 4600mAh battery that supports 80W wired fast charging and 50W wireless charging. As for SoC, it’s still a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8.However, foldable mobile phone is very similar to tablet, that is, it is very difficult for manufacturers to adapt to the system of large screen and folding form. If the adaptation is not good, it is easy to be called “semi-finished product” by consumers.So far vivo’s OriginOS has performed well on straight-panel phones, so it will be interesting to see how the system performs on foldable screens and tablets.”Right, vivo this time also send a tablet.”On the afternoon of March 25, Vivo officially announced its first tablet computer, vivo Pad.The Vivo Pad looks similar to the previous OPPO Pad, with rectangular bezels and an all-metal body. It comes in two colors, sky blue and deep space gray, and has a large camera area on the back, in line with the VIVO X Fold design elements.It’s worth noting that OriginOS has been optimized for tablets, at least for office apps with parallel horizons or split-screen optimizations.In addition to the Vivo Pad and Vivo X Fold, Vivo is also launching the Vivo X Note on the same platform.It’s a super-sized phone, which, like a small phone, has a niche but very persistent user base.However, compared with small screen phones, users who prefer super large screen phones now have no choice. Since Huawei Mate 20X, there are almost no super large screen flagship phones on the market, and there are also mid-range phones like Honor X30 Max.If you need something like this, look out for the Vivo X Note, which features a 7-inch 2K screen on the front, 120Hz refresh rate, a perforated hyperboloid in the center, a circular rear lens module + matrix square design, and a large area ultrasonic fingerprint.In terms of performance, the phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8.Although the image size is unknown, the positioning will not be low (and the price will not be low) based on the screen and chip parameters alone.In fact, not only the new product launch announced by the important officials next Monday, the whole month of April will be quite lively, because there will be a series of blue factory phones such as X80 series and iQOO Neo6, which is really amazing.There is no doubt that Vivo is also aiming for the high end. Since Huawei was forced to hit the pause button, most of the high end market has been eaten by Apple.The market share of Android smartphones priced above $600 in China shrank to 36.5 percent in 2021 from 44.6 percent in 2020, according to a new Counterpoint Research report, underscoring the difficulty for domestic players to capture the high-end market left behind by Huawei.In order for domestic mobile phones to regain the road to high-end, they need to improve their product strength in addition to the brand and self-research ability accumulated over a long period of time. IPhone wins in hardware specifications and iOS ecology, while Huawei relies on self-developed chips and excellent photography, especially Mate series, which provides real bucket level product experience.After three months of competition, it’s now vivo’s turn to hand in the papers and see if the Vivo X Fold, Vivo X Note, Vivo Pad, and X80 series can break the game in the high-end market.