Global Capital Markets Morning Post (2022/3/16) : Jinshan Cloud announces plans to explore listing in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Huaqiang to consider acquisition of semiconductor company

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According to the announcement of the exchange, Lushan New Material today subscription, subscription code 732051, the issue price of 25.79 yuan/share, a single account subscription cap of 900,000 shares, the maximum subscription need to match the market value of 9.00 million yuan.Srui New Materials is listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange today, with stock code 688102.The number of shares to be offered is 40,010,000, all of which are new shares to be offered to the public.A total of 21,267 winning numbers were issued online, and each number was limited to 500 Shares of The company’s A-shares, according to the exchange.According to the stock exchange, Heshun Technology announced the result of the online lottery, which has 19,400 numbers, each of which can only subscribe to 500 Of its A-shares.On March 16, 2022, Shanghai Haiguang Information Technology Co., Ltd. plans to list on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with Citic Securities as the lead underwriter.Nanjing Mailancde Medical Technology Co., LTD., to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Technology Innovation Board, lead underwriter Nanjing Securities.On March 17, 2022, Shanghai Qingsong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with Sinolink Securities as the lead underwriter.Beijing Nongda Technology Co., LTD., to be listed on gem, lead underwriter Zhongtian Guofu Securities.Yongtaiyun Chemical Logistics Co., LTD., to be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, main underwriter Essence Securities.Jiangsu Xichang Electronic Technology Co., LTD., planned to be listed on gem, lead underwriter Sinolink Securities.Harbin Senying Window Industry Co., LTD., to be listed on gem, lead underwriter minsheng Securities.Hongye Futures Co., LTD., to be listed on the main board of shenzhen Stock Exchange, lead underwriter CITIC Jiantou Securities.On March 18, 2022, Shanghai Sufi Watertech Nano Technology Co., Ltd. plans to be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with China International Capital Securities as the lead underwriter.Changzhou Juhe New Materials Co., LTD., to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange KEChuang Board, lead underwriter essence Securities.Ganzhou Yihao New Material Co., LTD., to be listed on gem, lead underwriter Guoxin Securities.Poly new material Co., LTD., to be listed on gem, lead underwriter Guotai Junan Securities.March 14, Yantai Deppon Technology Co., LTD., hengshuo Semiconductor (Hefei) Co., LTD.Lear Priced 46.5 million shares in its Hong Kong IPO at HK $14.62 each, raising about US $86 million.Sichuan Wujun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will be listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), the company announced on The evening of March 14.After the completion of the spin-off, the company’s shareholding structure will not change, and still have a controlling interest in Wu Jun Light energy.Kingsoft cloud group announced plans to explore listed in Hong Kong on March 15, 2022, the independent providers of cloud services kingsoft cloud group holdings co., LTD., announced that in order to constantly changing market and regulatory environments provide greater liquidity and protection for shareholders, the company is explore the dual listing of ordinary shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board, but subject to regulatory approval and market conditions.On March 16, Shanghai index opened 1.43% higher, Shenzhen Component index opened 1.98% higher, gem index opened 1.77% higher, tourism, airport shipping, semiconductor chips and other gainers.On March 16, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index opened up 2.94%.The Hang Seng Technology index rose 6.26%.Real estate, medicine, consumer stocks strong.Bilibili and are up more than 10%, Tencent-controlled shares are up about 6%, and Alibaba is up about 4%.China Biopharmaceutical rose nearly 8 per cent on expectations of a more than fourfold increase in net earnings last year.U.S. stocks extended their gains on March 16, with the S&P 500 rising more than 2%, the NASDAQ 2.7% and the Dow 1.89%.Major European stock indexes ended mixed on March 16, with Germany’s DAX30 up 0.12%, Britain’s ftse 100 down 0.22%, France’s CAC40 down 0.23% and the euro stoxx 50 up 0.15%.On March 16, Shenzhen Huaqiang said on the interactive platform that its main business is authorized distribution of electronic components.In the future, while continuously expanding and strengthening the main business, the company will explore the cultivation and development of IC design business based on its own product technical team;If there is a suitable opportunity, the company will also consider acquiring semiconductor design, manufacturing or IDM enterprises to accelerate the industrial upgrading of the company.Northern Qing ring energy:Controlling shareholder intends to China shandong expressway and financial planning major acquisitions matters on March 15, north ring can announcement, the company controlling shareholder BeiKong clean energy to China’s shandong province expressway and financial planning major acquisitions, indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of China shandong high-speed financial plans to hk $0.096 per share subscription BeiKong clean energy new issuing and issuance of 48.804 billion shares,Upon completion of the subscription of the additional shares, China Shandong High-speed Finance will hold a 43.45% stake in Beikong Clean Energy.The proposed additional issuance of shares by Beikong Clean Energy may lead to the change of the actual controller of the company, but it will not affect the normal production and operation and sustainable development of the company.Alphawave to acquire OpenFive from SiFive SerDes developer Alphawave is reportedly buying the OpenFive business unit from SiFive, the world’s largest RISC-V architecture vendor, for $210 million in cash.The deal has been agreed by both companies and is expected to close in the second half of this year, pending regulatory approval.(Note:SiFive is a commercial company based on risC-V instruction set architecture, and its custom silicon business, OpenFive, mainly develops IP core and full chip design services around RISC-V high-performance interconnect AI processing.On March 15, Citic Guoan said on the interactive platform that the company holds about 2.27% of NextVR’s equity. The company’s main assets have been acquired by Apple and now enter the liquidation process.The company will determine the final disposition of this portion of assets based on its liquidation results.Smart projector brand “Huole Technology (Nut Projection JMGO)” has completed a financing of 1 billion yuan.This round is jointly invested by OPPO, old shareholder IDG Capital and Lecun Tiancheng, and fang Chuang Capital serves as the exclusive financial adviser.Hu Zhenyu, founder and chairman of Huole Technology, said this round of financing will mainly be used to support the working capital needed for the expansion of business scale, as well as investment in technology reserves, product research and development, channel expansion and brand promotion.It is understood that this round of financing will be nut projection pre-IPO round of financing.Recently, hyperspectral imaging company “Oceanspectrum Nanoptics” completed A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investors in this round include Kunlun Capital, Yuanfang Capital and Wanxin Capital.After the A round of financing, Sea Spectrum will continue to increase investment in research and development and talent, develop A variety of chips and products for different scenarios, achieve full spectrum coverage, and accelerate the commercial implementation of hyperspectral imaging technology in machine vision, consumer equipment and many other fields.Photonic chip design and manufacturing company “Zhongke Xintong Microelectronics” has received tens of millions of first round financing from Zhongguancun Development Group.This round of financing will mainly be used to expand the technology and product development of photonic chips in medical detection, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, optical communication and other fields.From academic to industry, more customized industry weekly (global industry public opinion monitoring, cutting-edge technical information tracking, authoritative interpretation of industry and finance policy, accurate clue of industry investment), please call 400-068-7188.At the same time, Qianzhan Industry Research Institute also provides industrial big data, industrial research, industrial chain consulting, industrial atlas, industrial planning, park planning, industrial investment and investment, IPO financing research, IPO business and technology writing, IPO working paper consulting and other solutions.