Kunming comprehensive Protection Zone carried out special inspections on epidemic prevention and control and work safety before the Spring Festival

2022-06-02 0 By

On January 25, a team led by Lu Huaiyu, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Kunming Comprehensive Protection Zone, and relevant personnel from the discipline inspection and supervision group, public Affairs Bureau, comprehensive protection company and property management company in kunming jointly carried out a special inspection on work safety and epidemic prevention and control before the holiday.The inspection team has conducted on-site inspections of enterprises in the park, bayonets in the park, production and operation sites, kitchens of service centers and key firefighting areas to learn about the recent epidemic prevention and control work, production safety and the deployment of safety measures during festivals.The discipline inspection team stressed that the current domestic epidemic situation is still complex and severe, and the Spring Festival is approaching, so it is a great responsibility for workers to return home during the Spring Festival.All units and departments should enhance their awareness of potential dangers, strictly comply with national and provincial COVID-19 prevention and control requirements, earnestly implement all epidemic prevention and control measures, and build a solid first line of defense against imported COVID-19.During the holidays, to provide a safe environment is the primary responsibility, the park’s main bayonet vehicle dredging, route planning, goods elimination and other responsibilities must be implemented in place, there are special people responsible for, special command.Lv huaiyu called on all units and departments to strengthen personnel management, do a good job of registration and tracking of people returning home, and make arrangements in advance for the on-duty duty during the holiday, emergency patrol and post-holiday epidemic prevention and control work.On the basis of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, it is necessary to improve various safety rules and regulations, resolutely curb the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, and create a safe and orderly festival environment for the people of the region.Source: Kunming Comprehensive Protection Zone Editor: Xu Wangge Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue Final: Zhou Jianjun