The first lesson of the School year: Children’s literature authors offer face-to-face tips on how to write

2022-06-02 0 By

“Machine Girl” is a recommended book for the 2022 winter vacation of “100 classes” in China, and is also a favorite children’s science fiction novel.To the children’s surprise, the author of this book, the winner of the ninth Chongqing Literature Prize, li Shanshan, a well-known children’s literature writer, came to Lijia Experimental Primary school in Liangjiang New Area, and taught the children writing tips face to face, giving them an unforgettable “first lesson of school”.”Sister Shanshan!When the children met their favorite children s writer, they became little fans and waved machine Girl excitedly.Unexpectedly, Li Shanshan did not “seriously” on the “first lesson”, but with the students to play the “game”.She asked the students to describe the headmaster. The students’ answers ranged from “the headmaster smiles like a flower” to “the headmaster wears a pair of glasses and has a big nose, which is quite handsome”…She asked the children to describe the cloud as “like a white pillow”, “like grandma’s white hair”, “like a thick mattress”…These descriptions have been confirmed by Li Shanshan.Then, she opened a head in the scene, by the students “relay” up the fairy tale, rich imagination let Li Shanshan nodded.For children, writing secrets is like the eyes, brain and mouth – good at observation, imagination and expression, says Li shanshan.Li Shanshan has been devoted to the creation and promotion of children’s literature for many years.She believes that it is very important for parents to teach their children how to read.Do your best to provide a quiet environment for your children while they are reading. Parents should try not to disturb them.When your child puts down the book, discuss the plot with him.Parents and teachers should not only teach their children to read more, but also to read with them.Jiang Junbin, principal of Lijia Experimental Primary School, said that by inviting children’s favorite children’s authors to teach the “first lesson”, he hoped that children could measure the world with reading and let writing illuminate the future.He believes that reading is an important habit of children’s life, and hopes that every child can enjoy reading and benefit from reading.He said the school will also invite teachers, parents and students to select the “88 must-read books” to find the best books for children.The school proposes to “build the campus in the library” and build the best part of the campus into a reading center for teachers and students. Focusing on the construction of high-quality reading courses, the school aims to create a “bookish youth”, “bookish classes”, “bookish families” and “bookish campus”.It is reported that Lijia Experimental Primary school has been selected as one of only four experimental schools in Chongqing to improve the reading literacy of primary and middle school students.Upstream news reporter Ji Wenling