Tik Tok Store entered a hujia qing, some special brands from open investment to directional access

2022-06-02 0 By

Want to enter douyin small shop a protective home cleaning business attention!Recently tiktok investment rules change constantly, timely understanding can be ready to enter the information!Small make up from trill providers know boat was told: the trill about a nursing home in clear rules have been changed, some special brand by directional access, open China merchants to some special brand only allow the official flagship store, flagship stores, specialty stores, stores, and some new protection of commodity specification details page and some new advertising products specification.The approved categories of nursing home cleaning industry are as follows: Some of the approved requirements are as follows: ① The platform only accepts directional access of brand flagship stores for the first-level category “Contact lenses/nursing solutions”.(2) Level 1 category “family planning products”, currently only certain brands are allowed to enter and only products can be released in this category only if they meet the relevant business requirements of the platform. (3) Some special brands are only allowed to enter official flagship stores, flagship stores, exclusive stores and franchise stores.Commercial qualifications: Cosmetics production license, gift qualification, quality inspection report, sanitary license for disinfection product manufacturer, sanitary license for disinfection product approval, commissioned processing agreement, etc., subject to category requirements.Brand qualifications: 1) the certificate of trademark registration shall be issued by the state administration of trademark (if the trademark for the alteration, transfer, renewal, please provide change, transfer, renewal of certificate issued by the trademark bureau, or accept the notice) 1) authorized by the trademark rights to the source is required to provide to open a shop main relationship between level of authorization files/authorization, and must be as the exclusive authorized;TM does not support the issuance of brand authorization letter, and there is no restriction on R label. 2) If the trademark right is a natural person, it is required to provide the positive and negative copies of the ID card signed by the trademark right holder. 3) The remaining validity period of authorization shall be more than 6 months.The authorized party, the authorized party, the authorized brand, the authorization period and so on do not know how to enter the conditions and procedures of douyin merchants, about your questions can leave a message private xiaobian, at any time online for you to answer the doubts!For more exciting content, follow Uncle Zhou