Valencia are looking to turn the tables on their former champions

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Tangge easily won the city overturned yesterday, the internal brothers see in the eye.Five league continues to fight over the weekend, on Sunday as a day of the traditional five league league, showdown between more than Saturday, Harvey record is recovered after return to Barcelona, but take a minute session is overmuch, cause barca’s position is still very difficult at present, atletico this season will be Barcelona for four of the most strong.Without further ado, let’s get straight to the focus of la Liga.Valencia are currently 12th in la Liga.The team has been in the middle and lower reaches of the league in recent years, scoring 36 goals and conceding 38. The conceding is still too bad at this level. The problems at the defensive end are serious, the scoring ability is ok, and the team is now playing at home slightly better than away.There is still room for improvement in defence and firepower up front.The premiership has six rounds of failed to win, in Barcelona, valencia, nearly three times 1 draw 2 defeats, achievement is not dominant, valencia nearly three home games have failed to win games, scoring ability not beautiful, but valencia have a still maintained the Spanish leading level, is facing the once “western” super big three can still play when once domination s level.With 10 wins, nine draws and four losses from 23 matches, Barcelona is currently sixth in the league, three points behind fourth-placed Atletico Madrid with two games in hand.Of course, they are still in the fourth place this season, with a new generation of young players missing out on the old generation, but Barcelona have certainly improved since Xavi took over, but the decline in attack has left them with too many points in the league.Barcelona, like the Netherlands in the last two years, still need a year or two to adapt before slowly forming a new team.In the early stage, Barca’s advantage is still a little big, and in the late stage, barca’s side is a little upward. To tell the truth, it is difficult for Barca to support in the early stage.First, it is cheap enough, even though Barca have been playing poorly of late, but they are still hot as a traditional club.Barcelona did not play well in the Europa League in midweek, of course, but there were individual players who did very well and Xavi could see who was holding up what little was left of the system.But it will take a few seasons for the youngster to settle into la Liga.At present Valencia home protection is very appropriate, almost one-sided heat.In addition to the past in the face of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona supernormal play.Comprehensive, the field is expected to block Barca home points.Fiorentina serie A v Atalanta Serie A Inter Milan v Sassuolo Serie A Udinese v Lazio De Germany b Dusseldorf v Oward B St Poly v Hannover La Liga Espanyol v Sevilla La Liga Valencia v Barcelona la Liga Betis v Mallorca La Liga Bilbao v Real Sociedad Leeds united v Manchester United PREMIER LeagueWolverines v Lecce Bundesliga Bayern Munich v Field Tmund v Borussia Dortmund v Monching Rennes v Troyes Ligue 1 St Etienne v Strasbourg Bordeaux v Monaco