Your cat’s “butt up” to you is meant to express these meanings, and your owner doesn’t get it

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Shovel excrement officer in the process of raising a cat, always can see the cat “buttocks”, in fact, the cat to you buttocks, originally want to express these meanings, the owner do not understand.Trust your cat’s bottom is the place where eyes can’t see it, and more fragile, for their own safety, so the cats are generally not easily let others see its bottom, if your cat to become warped butt, that cat is very trust you, believe you will protect its security, therefore will reveal its ass.See you as it’s mother in cat when I was a child, mother the anal to stimulate bowel movements, the cat will lick it clean it will also help, in the cat grew up, also keep the nature, when do you get along with time is long and the cat, the cat will take you as it’s mother, hope you help it licked the fart fart, master remember cats after each time the BaBa, to help clean the bottom.What many owners don’t know is that patting a cat at the base of its tail can make it feel comfortable and addictive.When your cat lifts up its rear at you, it expects you to pat the base of its tail.Play with me When the owner is busy with various things, it is easy to neglect the cat, the cat will feel lonely, it will butt at you, or jump on you to interfere with you, in fact, the cat is trying to get your attention.Therefore, no matter how busy the autonomous person is, it is better to spare some time to accompany the cat and play with the cat. When playing with the cat, it is better to use some snacks as assistance, which can improve the enthusiasm of the cat to play.We recommend “Miaoxiu Freeze-dried chicken granules”, which are made from fresh chicken. Each freeze-dried chicken granule is rich in high protein and adopts vacuum freezing technology to retain the maximum nutritional value.He wants to mate. When a cat is in heat, a female cat lifts her rear end in order to make her scent more attractive to nearby males.If this is the case with your cat, either mate it or neuter it.After a cat is neutered, it may lose its appetite due to depression. At this time, the owner can give it a nutritious and delicious cat food.Recommend “miao Xiu no grain cat food”, there are a variety of meat, meat content up to 80%, and rich in protein, and add pumpkin, carrot vegetables, nutrition and health, to meet the nature of the cat love meat.Conclusion: Does your cat always have a “butt up”?