5-seater Nissan bed car, 1.6L with 4AT, easy to start and easy to park, drive to work at noon can also sleep

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Hello, Hello ~ NV200 chassis with bed created based on nissan car we introduced a lot of money, continue to introduce a today, but because this kind of car interior space is limited, so how to reasonable layout and how to have a higher efficiency rate is characteristic, so let’s take a look below ~ look don’t do too much here,The whole body is still white, keeping the appearance of the original chassis, and has its own brand recognition. The overall size is between NV100 and NV350, and the length, width and height are respectively 4400*1695*1850mm.In terms of power, it is also equipped with a 1.6L gasoline engine, matched with a 4AT transmission, and adopted two-drive mode. The maximum power can reach 109kW, and the maximum torque is 152N·m.See in the picture shown in bridge structure, not ugly, and now, compared to more advanced luxurious interior models too plain and simple, mainly some basic mechanical button, because of the smaller, so the configuration is relatively simple, is very similar to the family car, of course also offers a reverse images, reversing radar, and vehicle navigation of some basic configuration,It is convenient for the driver to observe and control later.The side sliding doors on both sides of the body are not closed because of the internal transformation, but can still be kept open on both sides, which is convenient for the passengers in the back row to get on and off. This is a vehicle that can carry four people. The legroom performance of the back row can only be said to be average, and the slightly tall people sitting in the back row will push their legs.Just now, we also said that, as a car bed, actually the layout of the front car design there will be no obvious change in particular, because if you want to make sure the car can take four people, the car’s passenger seat won’t remove the second row, but most of car bed the second row of passenger seat can be two-way aboard, to face the front, in the car can be oriented to the rear.The last row also offers a row of seats, which are reserved for parking because they don’t have seatbelts, and a decent size dining table in the middle that can accommodate at least four people when the passenger seats in the front row are rearward.Since the bed is car, must have the berth of the most basic function, so the need to have a rest on the night, it can be the second row passenger seat flat and rear seat together, joining together into a sofa bed can accommodate two people to use, although the car carry four people, but because there is no jack, so can satisfy two people sleep space.Just before we also said that a car bed to remove the berth of the most basic function, at the sometimes add some simple life function configuration, such as the car, one side is relatively wide size work station, provided the stainless steel sink and can draw the faucet, can a simple cleaning and wash gargle, beside the cupboard door can also use the tray table fold up the fixed seat.The main and secondary water tanks of the whole car are hidden below, respectively 10L. Taking a bath is not possible, but brushing your teeth and washing your face will still be enough.Another side is the area is relatively lesser store content ark, upper part is cup groove, lower part is the store content ark of type of inclined pull, commonly common shoe ark is such open means.If there are some large pieces of luggage, it can be stored under the bed board, which is also a basic storage capacity.In addition, the car is equipped with a 400W inverter on the circuit, providing a 100V battery.Now the price of this car in Japan is 3,387,000 yen, equivalent to about 186,600 yuan, I don’t know such a simple design bed car, what do you think?Feel free to share them in the comments section below and see you next time