After many years of graduation, I chose to further my study and received the offer of Master of International Business from University of Austria

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Student Profile: Name: Z Student Gender: Male Education Level: Undergraduate GPA: 81.7 IELTS: 6.5 Admission Information: Admitted Major: International Business Master Admitted Institution: University of AucklandZ, a bachelor of Accounting major in China, has been engaged in work related to international trade.After years of work, Z wants to take a break and study in New Zealand. On the one hand, he can study in the major he is interested in. On the other hand, this diploma will be helpful for his future career development after graduation.After communication, Z finally decided to apply for the international Business master program of The University of Auckland.Under our guidance, Z prepared all the application materials. After submitting the application, the evaluation of THE University of Austria was very helpful, and SOON Z got the admission notice from the university.Founded in 1883, The University of Auckland is one of New Zealand’s largest universities in terms of teaching and research, as well as The largest number of professional universities.The University of Auckland is known as New Zealand’s “national treasure” university and one of the most powerful and recognized universities in the southern Hemisphere.The Business School of the University of Auckland is one of eight business schools in the world accredited by AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS, and has grown into a leading centre for higher education and research in the Asia Pacific region.