Dump pot!South Korean media said Chinese netizens’ bad comments affect athletes’ performance, teasing: become a negative lesson

2022-06-03 0 By

When asked which team was the least popular during the Beijing Winter Olympics, many people would name South Korea’s short track speed skating team.In the short-track speed skating field, South Korea has always been a strong competitor, and its short-track speed skating team won two gold and three silver MEDALS in this Winter Olympics, also better than The Chinese team.However, the short track speed skating team has been criticized for foul play by Korean athletes, hwang Dae-heon showing his skates at Wu Dae-jing, and off-court mocking of Olympic merchandise.Recently, a column of South Korean media commented on the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying that there were too many malicious comments from Chinese netizens about athletes during the Winter Olympics, which directly affected athletes’ mood and thus affected their performance on the field.”The 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics will be clean Olympics,” the south Korean media said.In particular, there are too many malicious comments made by Chinese netizens on athletes. If you look at Wu Dajing’s social media, there are countless Malicious comments made by Korean netizens, almost flooding the screen. Won’t this affect Wu Dajing?In the last Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea won five gold, eight silver and four bronze MEDALS. In The Beijing Olympics, South Korea has only won two gold, five silver and two bronze MEDALS.At the level of short track speed skating, South Korea won 2 gold and 3 silver MEDALS, better than China, and accounted for the largest proportion of South Korea’s MEDALS, it can be said that short track speed skating is still the trump card of South Korea.But even so, they are still dissatisfied and feel they could have won more MEDALS.During the Winter Olympics, the South Korean team appealed against the decision, but apparently lost.Then Huang Daxian in the men’s 500 meters semifinal, which is Wu Dajing’s most strong point, he showed his ice knife towards Wu Dajing, which also directly interfered with Wu Dajing, he narrowly missed the final, very sorry.South Korean speed skaters cleaned the podium, and short track skaters made a video mocking licensed products and the South Korean team’s dissatisfaction with food.Wang Meng also felt helpless about the fouls and mistakes of the South Korean team, saying that sometimes we need to watch out for players like Hwang dae-heon, not because he is strong, but because there are many special factors.Therefore, it is really a pity that the Korean team made such a successful start in the Beijing Winter Olympics.As for China, it beat South Korea in the number of golds and gold MEDALS, setting a new record.