Headline text creation, typing on a computer is better than typing directly on a phone

2022-06-03 0 By

I don’t know about anyone else, but I mostly create on a computer, but also use a phone as a supplement.Creating some more space on the computer, the main big article or video, create some space on the mobile phone is small article or video, because my headline, main is a kind of hobby, my main focus of the time on to the company to do consulting, so the headline creation is basically take time to do it, then there can be headline creation, slow down the speed of the aging brain cells.Although I am nearly 70 years old, but MY typing speed is relatively fast, with the five strokes, because the five strokes, the most close to the writing rules of Chinese characters, so writing articles do not affect the thinking, which also benefits from my work needs to practice a basic skills.I am also self-taught in software learning, because ALL the working software used in my work is my self-taught ability, so all the video software on the computer is basically mastered by self-learning, so the general video making software is not difficult for me.Only their time is limited, at the same time the degradation of physical function, can only be used as a pastime of the project.I would suggest that you write your headline on your computer.It’ll do you good.