South Korean politicians have called for their withdrawal after their appeals were rejected by the International Skating Federation (ISU)

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Beijing Olympic speed skater project has produced three gold MEDALS, but traditional short track speed skating team South Korea has frustrated, more contestants was disqualified for a foul, the south Korean delegation after the game the first time to protest against the referee commission, at the same time a complaint to the international skating union, but the appeal was rejected, some south Korean politicians claim to “retire” to show that attitude.According to on February 8, Yoon Hong-geun, head of South Korea’s sports delegation, told a press conference after the match that the referee’s decision was “unfair” and that it was not the best course of action despite calls for “withdrawal” in South Korea.In the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating semifinal on Feb 7, the South Korean team appealed to the International Skating Federation (ISU), which said there was no problem with the decision.Yoon told a news conference that he was ready to have a meeting with Ioc president Thomas Bach and would appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).Yoon said he was sorry that four years of hard work by members of the south Korean delegation had gone to waste. The controversy over the penalty decision has stirred up national sentiment in South Korea, and some politicians have even called for the South Korean delegation to “withdraw” in protest.There was another awkwardly awkward aspect of the press conference. There was no interpreter and all the reporters could only communicate in Korean. Many foreign journalists ignored their questions repeatedly and finally left in anger.The Korean sports delegation could only explain awkwardly that there was no time to arrange an interpreter for the press conference, but the reporters did not buy it.The Yonhap news Agency said in its report that the press conference was a “special version for South Korea” and aimed at The “domestic version” of the South Korean people, rather than a statement to the outside world.Let all got a gold medal for China, has made many south Korean netizen is flustered, because South Korea players in short track speed skating projects has been seen as strengths, not foul is fall, only got a bronze medal, many south koreans will this result due to by the “unjust decision”, but it really the case?Wang Meng, former head coach of China’s national short track speed skating team, said the rules were changed after controversy erupted during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics when refereeing decisions were not transparent enough.But the South Korean players did not change their training habits, which led to repeated fouls.In order to better assist the referee, Beijing Olympic venues are equipped with high-speed camera “cheetah” (of) 90 kilometers per hour, can follow athletes shoot all the way, can a frame of a frame of slow playback, any fouls to exercise, the referee is to make decisions after repeatedly watching video playback, completely fair and transparent.The Korean players, who like to make small moves, are no longer accustomed to the cheetah’s close attention, and they shout loudly after being caught in a foul, leaving people speechless.In South Korea after losing, on February 8, South Korea’s criminal and legal policy institute released a report, the athletes, coaches, referees and sports administrative personnel’s survey, more than seventy percent of the respondents said South Korea sports there are serious corruption, and said that even if some suggestion to the relevant departments, corruption is also won’t have any change.Some South Korean sports figures collude with politicians to deliberately stimulate domestic anti-China sentiment for political gain.Coaches of top Korean athletes such as Ahn Hyun-soo, Kim Sun-tae and Im Hyo-joon have left Korea due to the scandal in Korean sports.Mr. Ahn later joined Russia and coached China’s short-track speed skating team, but after the south Korean team’s loss, Mr. Ahn was subjected to a flood of online abuse from South Korean netizens, including his relatives and friends.Chinese player Wu Dajing’s overseas media account was also besieged by Korean netizens.We hope that Korean athletes will be able to conquer the stadium and the audience with their strength in the upcoming games.On February 9, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in South Korea responded to the south Korean side’s suspicion, saying that the Winter Olympics are an international sports event, and the judges of each event are selected by the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee and international sports federations, and no country or government has the right to interfere.The spokesman’s remarks are undoubtedly a powerful rebuke to South Korean politicians.