The scientific research “the basic body temperature is gradually falling” will cause what to our body

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Scientific research “the basic body temperature is gradually falling” will cause what impact on our body difference of 1℃, absurd, the basic body temperature drop will lead to what problems?Is it your impression that a temperature difference of 1℃ will have serious consequences?The answer should be no, many people think, 1℃ difference, does not matter.Such as baking, milk powder, 1℃ does not cause very serious consequences, but if the basic temperature difference of the human body 1℃, the consequences are more serious.Ishihara, a Japanese doctor of natural medicine, once mentioned in his book “Temperature Determines Health” that the body’s basic temperature decreases by 1℃, and the immune capacity will decrease by more than 30%.On the contrary, the average increase of the basic temperature of the human body by 1℃, the immunity will be improved 5-6 times, and immunity is closely related to our health, the decline of immunity, the virus is easy to invade, as we see that those who are often prone to cold illness are mostly poor immunity.So why is body temperature so closely related to health?According to western medicine, it is due to the close relationship between body temperature and basal metabolic rate.If a person’s basal body temperature is low, his basal metabolic rate is relatively slow and blood circulation is slowed.As a result, white blood cells work more slowly and are less able to destroy foreign objects, making the body more susceptible to viruses and bacteria and more likely to get sick.Of course, the relationship between temperature and human health has not only been interpreted in western medicine, but also analyzed in Traditional Chinese medicine.As an old saying goes, “Blood meets heat, coagulates in cold, passes in heat, and silt in cold.”To put it simply, hypothermia often means that the body is cold and Yang qi in the body is insufficient or the functional state of Yang qi is not active.At this time, the human body qi and blood operation is easily blocked, appear astringency stagnation, blockage, etc., the blood supply of tissues and organs is relatively insufficient, and the immunity is naturally decreased.In order to understand the relationship between body temperature and health in a more comprehensive way, The father of fasciology Professor Hara Lin also analyzed the relationship between body temperature and fascia from fasciology.It should be noted that human fascia is a reserve system that provides protection and capability support for functional systems such as internal organs and functional cells.A low body temperature affects the activity of stem cells in the fascia layer, which in turn affects the ability of cells in the immune system to regenerate.To sum up, it is not difficult to see the importance of basic body temperature for health.Now that we know that body temperature is so closely related to health, can we use our own body temperature to measure our health in reverse?Up to a point, yes.Normally, our body temperature should remain between 36℃ and 37℃, but there are high and low temperatures within this range.Therefore, we can measure our body temperature at around 10 in the morning. If our body temperature is between 36.5℃ and 37℃, our immunity is relatively good.If the body temperature is between 36℃ and 36.5℃, then the immunity is relatively low, and you need to find ways to raise the body temperature.How do you raise your body temperature?Normally, the body can raise its temperature in two ways, one is moderate exercise.It is suggested to choose fast walking, health exercise, fascia aerobics and other exercise methods according to their own body state. The heart rate between 120 and 150 is more appropriate, which can achieve the exercise effect and will not overload the body.On the other hand, physical therapy is used to raise the body temperature.Such as massage, moxibustion, medicinal bath, etc., are more common traditional physiotherapy.There is also artificial intelligence physiotherapy, such as Xiuyu Ultra V thermal robot thermal therapy, which is the scientific and technological version of moxibustion and other traditional physiotherapy.Compared with traditional physical therapy, Xiuyu Ultra V thermal robot thermal therapy is safer and more efficient.It should be known that the epidermis of the human body is subject to the highest temperature of 42℃, and if the temperature exceeds this, it will be scalded. However, traditional moxibustion is to raise the internal temperature of the tissue by heating up from the outside to the inside, and the skin will be scalded if it is not careful.The risks are high, but it does not raise the body’s base temperature as much as it would like, raising the internal temperature of the body to 38-39 degrees Celsius at best.The xiu domain super V is different. It can heat up from the inside of human tissues. It can raise the internal temperature of human body to 44℃-45℃ by means of scientific and technological heat therapy, and the effect of cold and dehumidification is better.In addition, it can safely control temperature through artificial intelligence and big data, without the risk of skin burns. Besides being efficient, it is very safe and more reassuring to use.It is precisely because of this kind of robot physiotherapy is comfortable and professional, at present show domain super V has become a way of physiotherapy recommended by many sub-health groups.A difference of 1℃ is a great difference.The basic temperature of the human body is indeed closely related to our health. I hope that after having a comprehensive understanding of the basic temperature of the human body, we can find more scientific and effective methods to make ourselves and our families healthier.