During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Shanghai received 10.9836 million tourists, with a revenue of 17.721 billion yuan

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According to Shanghai tourism big data monitoring, Shanghai received 10.9836 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday, realizing tourism revenue of 17.721 billion yuan.During the Spring Festival, Shanghai will highlight “high quality, Shanghai style and Lunar New Year flavor”. With “streets + INTANGIBLE cultural heritage”, “ancient towns + Intangible cultural heritage”, “business districts + Intangible cultural heritage” and “scenic spots + Intangible cultural heritage” as the main scenes, nearly 500 Cultural tourism activities will be planned and launched in Shanghai.Yuyuan Garden Mall launched “Old Taste of Shanghai, New Experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage” new Spring lantern color interpretation of intangible cultural heritage theme;Fengjing town of Jinshan, Luodian town of Baoshan, Nanxiang town of Jiading and Zhouqiao Old Street water town create an atmosphere of “Celebrating the New Year of ancient Towns” by displaying characteristic projects of intangible cultural heritage;The Shanghai World Expo Culture Park, Shanghai Happy Valley Festival, Shanghai Big World and Shanghai Art Museum have launched various traditional Spring Festival activities, creating a strong atmosphere of the Year of the Tiger.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Shanghai Cultural and Tourism Venues have carefully planned and launched high-quality, high-appearance, high-connotation exhibitions and performances to meet the cultural needs of citizens and tourists.Spring paintings and zodiac paintings at China Art Palace, Zhu qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum and other art museums bring a festive atmosphere.Shanghai Museum, Shanghai History Museum and other museums traditional festival folk theme exhibition to display Chinese traditional culture.Shanghai Grand Theatre, Lanxin Grand Theatre, Shanghai Concert Hall and other wonderful theatrical performances present the unique charm of stage art.”New Year’s Tide in hotels” is becoming a new fashion for celebrating holidays.According to statistics, the average room rental rate of Shanghai guest hotels during the Spring Festival holiday reached 40%, up 5 percentage points year-on-year.Jinjiang Group, Shanghai Airlines Travel Group, Spring Festival Travel Shanghai 81 enterprises launched 205 kinds of family reunion dinner, New Year’s Eve dinner packages or special items, the quality of time-honored brands and intimate service to meet the needs of citizens to taste delicious food.A number of new online platforms and digital new media in Shanghai opened New Year activity topics, sharing the new fun of The New Year in Shanghai on the cloud, and promoting travel consumption of the New Year line.Ctrip, Tiktok, Meituan, Tencent, Dewu and other online new culture and tourism companies launched various kinds of cloud New Year theme activities attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to participate.