Parents in Nanjing Junior High School are finally relieved because school has started

2022-06-04 0 By

On April 7, 2022, I heard many parents say: finally not at home, finally go to school.It turned out to be the first day of Nanjing, the second day of junior high, the second year of senior high school officially back to school today, the resumption of offline teaching.I’m glad to hear from You.After all, the offline teaching effect is good, parents do not bother, especially dual-worker parents, usually no empty management, all with the children consciously, but you know, electronic products are too rich, games, chat, alas, the children also want to start school, see teachers, students, back to the familiar campus.Of course, epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed.Recently, the Metropark Hotel at Zhongshan Gate in Nanjing has taken out “guests” from Shanghai, a five-star hotel!Hope everything goes well in Nanjing!