The Market supervision Bureau of Lanzhou city inspected the commercial complex, supermarkets and catering units and found that the epidemic prevention and control measures were strictly implemented

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On February 6, lanzhou Evening News reported that lanzhou ushered in the first snowfall of this spring on February 5.The supervision group of xigu District and Qilihe District, together with the supervision group of Xigu District and Qilihe District, inspected large commercial complexes, supermarkets and catering units under their jurisdiction, urged them to implement epidemic prevention and control measures and do a good job in food safety.On the morning of the same day, in the center of Lanzhou, after scanning code, temperature measurement, orderly into the mall.”In order to prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival, we stored a large number of epidemic prevention materials before the festival and increased the frequency of disinfection in accordance with the requirements. We carried out disinfection in shopping malls three times a day, and also sent more staff to patrol the floors to remind consumers to wear masks.”Lanzhou center general manager Wang Xiaobin said.”We disinfect the premises in the morning and at night and take temperature checks twice a day.”Jincheng center yonghui supermarket store manager said.As an important complex in Xigu District, Jincheng Center has organized an epidemic prevention and control network to ensure the safety of consumption during the festival.At noon that day, the Haidilao restaurant in the center of Lanzhou was already full. “Please order right amount, if not enough, you can add more.”The waiter reminded the two guests who were taking their order.”This is our serving chopsticks. I suggest you use them.”A waiter at another table reminds customers to use serving chopsticks while laying the bottom of the pot.Du Zhichao, a media reporter from Lanzhou Daily