Wilson is on fire for the 4-3 rines!Holt bloodied O ‘Donnell, Xiao guodong was swept up

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China’s Xiao Guodong was knocked out of the World Snooker Welsh Open qualifiers 4-0 by Michael White on Sunday morning.Assassin Michael Holt scored 63 and 99 to beat Martin O ‘Donnell 4-1 to qualify for the tournament’s last 64.Gary Wilson made it through after scoring 82 and 54 to beat Peter Rines 4-3.In the match between Xiao Guodong and Michael White, Xiao Guodong’s form was very low.As soon as the game came up, Xiao Guodong was judged to lose two games directly.The reason for this situation is xiao Guodong’s late arrival, and this is only two weeks after his last similar situation.As a professional player, Xiao’s behavior is really hard to understand.In the third set, White took a 3-0 lead with 64 points and a series of overhand chances to win the match 101-22.In the fourth set, White took the game 71-9 with a superb chance to sweep Xiao 4-0 and advance to the tournament.I hope Xiao Guodong can take it as a lesson and don’t be late any more.In the match between Holt and O ‘Donnell, Holt put in a superb performance to complete the crushing of ‘Grinding King’ O ‘Donnell.Holt took the opening game 71-10 to take a 1-0 lead over O ‘Donnell.Holt hit 63 in the second frame before winning 64-46 to maintain a 2-0 lead over O ‘Donnell.Coming into the third set, O ‘Donnell trailed holt 2-1 with a 70-67 game winner.Holt had the match point of the match in the fourth set as he took a 3-1 lead with 69-0 shutout opportunities.In the fifth frame, O ‘Donnell made a mistake after taking seven points, and Holt smashed 99 points to win the match 99-7, thus sweeping O ‘Donnell 4-1 and advancing to the Welsh Open tournament.In the match between Gary Wilson and Peter Rines, it took seven sets to decide the outcome.Wilson got off to a good start in the opening game, scoring 82 runs for a 102-36 win to take a 1-0 lead.Wilson extended his 2-0 lead to Rines in the second game with a 55-53 game winner.In the third game, Wilson took a 3-0 lead on match point with a series of overhand chances to win 84-18.In the fourth set, Rines took the game 70-37 after a series of overruns to trail Wilson 3-1.In the fifth frame, Although Wilson scored 54 runs in the frame, Rines still defeated his opponent 65 to 60 to trail Wilson 2-3.Rines scored 63 points in the sixth frame to win the match 68-17 to set up a 3-3 draw with Wilson on the double point.Rines led the way with the red ball in the seventh frame, but he made an error after only 22 runs.Wilson then hit 80 to win the set 80-22 and advance to the Welsh Open with a 4-3 win over Rines.