Yunnan University 22 postgraduate entrance examination remote network reexamination guide issued

2022-06-04 0 By

Dear candidates,According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education and Yunnan Province for the re-examination of postgraduate enrollment in 2022, in order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and re-examination organization, ensure the life, health and safety of teachers and students, and ensure the re-examination of postgraduate enrollment under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, through research,Yunnan University’s 2022 postgraduate enrollment reexamination will be conducted through online remote reexamination, and the remote reexamination platform will be China Mobile’s “Cloud Examination Platform”, one of the platforms recommended by the Ministry of Education.Candidates can refer to the “Yunnan University 2021 Remote Network Reexamination Guide for Graduate Students” to prepare the required software, hardware equipment and reexamination site.In the future, yunnan University graduate School will publish the “Yunnan University 2022 Remote Network Interview Guide” and the system operation manual on the website of Yunnan University Graduate School, which will guide candidates to prepare for the remote interview in detail. Please pay attention to it.Notes: 1. The remote reexamination shall be conducted in the mode of “double seats”, strictly complying with the requirements of “two identification”, “four comparison” and “three randomness” of the Ministry of Education.Due to screen sharing issues, we strongly recommend candidates to use the following solutions: laptop or desktop computer with camera (camera required) as the first slot, mobile phone as the second slot.2. The venue for the second interview should be an independent room with bright lights, quiet and no backlight.Training institutions, Internet cafes, shopping malls, squares and other places that affect the audio and video effects and impair the seriousness of the second interview are strictly prohibited.Candidates should provide materials for postgraduate reexamination as required. The specific requirements shall be subject to the Implementation Measures of Yunnan University for The Reexamination and Admission of Postgraduate Students in 2022 and the specific requirements of each training unit, which will be notified separately.4. Please continue to pay attention to the website of Graduate School of Yunnan University, the wechat official account of “Graduate Enrollment of Yunnan University” and the home pages of all training institutions.Yunnan University Graduate School Admission Office March 15, 2022