Haikou traffic police arrested a number of “drunken cats” during the Spring Festival

2022-06-05 0 By

Haikou Network on February 4 news (reporter Chen Jie correspondent Li Shenglan Lin Xin) in recent days, Haikou public security traffic police continue to carry out the whole region, all-weather strict investigation of drunk driving rectification action.According to statistics, from February 3 to February 4 at 7 o ‘clock, Haikou public security traffic police investigated and dealt with 20 illegal acts involving alcohol driving, including 8 motor vehicle driving after drinking, 3 drunk driving motor vehicle, 7 drunk driving electric bicycle, drunk driving electric bicycle 2.Driver Xu drunk driving motor vehicle was traffic police seized.(Haikou Public Security traffic police for the picture) the driver Wang Mou Xiang drunk driving motor vehicle was seized by traffic police.On February 3 (the third day of the Chinese New Year), Haikou Traffic Police organized police forces to carry out a 24-hour rectification operation.At 4 am on The same day, Haikou public Security traffic police detachment longhua brigade organized police in the city of a square section of the road block to carry out dawn drunk driving arrest operations.Police on duty to the two cars in the same direction before and after the car inspection, found that the drivers of the two cars have alcohol, there is a suspicion of drunk driving.Police on the spot according to the law of the two car drivers respectively breath alcohol test, the results show that the two drivers Xu, Wang Xiang are suspected of drunk driving.After identification, Xu blood test results show that the blood alcohol content of 91mg/100ml, Wang Xiang blood test results show that the blood alcohol content of 149mg/100ml, are drunk driving motor vehicles.It is understood that Xu and Wang Xiang are friends, driving home at the same time after a night of drinking by the police.At present, the two drivers on suspicion of dangerous driving crime were taken criminal detention mandatory measures.1 2 Read the text