Hongkun real estate to community culture to promote urban culture, to build a charming ideal community

2022-06-05 0 By

No man is an island. It is the connection between man and man that resists the emptiness of the world.For Hongkun Real Estate Group, architecture is not a body floating on the surface, but a dynamic home full of care and temperature.Ideal echo temperature neighborhood and March 19, Hongkun Real Estate Group owned Hongkun Ideal city ecological community table tennis tournament held as promised, in hongkun ideal city, ecological community in full swing opened the curtain.The main purpose and vision after the birth of the community was to paint a picture of warm life for the owners.The establishment of ecological community conveys the feelings and vision of a better life in the ideal city, just as service is the only way to a better life.20 years of hard work, Hongkun Group will always bring owners a better life, as the basis of serving a better life.With “temperature and vitality” as its spiritual core, The Idea City strives to create a beautiful life picture for all ages.Up to now, the number of participants in hongkun Ideal City community table tennis club and fitness community under Hongkun Real Estate Group has reached 300+ owners’ families. The table tennis club has also carried out the first friendship competition, which has been widely recognized by owners.Do one thing with like-minded people, exercise with like-minded partners, let the neighborhood harvest intimacy and friendship, happiness will be magnified countless times.Let more people with the same frequency meet and get to know each other, integrate into the emotional community of ecological community, feel the close and harmonious neighborhood relationship, and share the quality life with temperature.Hongkun Real estate Group promotes urban culture with community culture and builds a charming ideal community.