Jiang Ge’s mother Jiang Qiulian’s trademark application was approved, why was reported by netizens?Expert analysis liu Xin psychology

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Jiang Ge mother Jiang Qiulian applied for the registration of the “left bank of the heart” trademark was approved, international classification as “cloth sheet”, she posted through social accounts “Left Bank is the original name of Jiang Ge”.While many fans congratulated her, there were also many different voices, and some netizens even reported her on several official accounts.On January 26, Jiang Qiulian again issued a statement to Liu Xin, “Liu Nuanxi, ifeng.com issued your special statement, if I refute you, I can write more than ten thousand words, how should I write?””If Jiang Ge were alive, he would never have tolerated his mother being bullied by a family that scolded him for his short life,” commented a netizen named “Kaka-Chaplin.” Jiang Qiulian replied, “Liu Nuanxi was killed by Chen Shifeng when Jiang Ge was alive.”What have netizens in support of Jiang Qiulian said?What did the anti-Chiu-lian netizens say?Jiang Qiulian responded to Liu Xin’s appeal, “she is defiling Jiang Song, there is no third uncle in the world only Jiang song”?How does psychological expert analyze Liu Xin’s words and deeds?Details, xiaobian immediately parsing!What did Liu Xin’s netizens say in support of Jiang Qiulian?”Waste energy doesn’t have to, or to appeal for your aunt, don’t let anything rebekah frustrating, she just like that, what to do should do, on the day of the song jiang accident should do, now late” “although the bass social account was closed, but she desperately want attention, want to make public opinion war, after all, no traffic, no money.At the end of the first trial, the evidence has been sufficient, and the basic legal facts are very clear. Regarding Liu Xin’s special statement, I suggest my aunt to consult with the lawyer more to see whether to respond, whether to prepare more evidence and witness testimony…”What did Jiang Ge’s netizens say against Jiang Qiulian?”Lin Shengbin registered Tong become, Jiang Qiulian suit, song jiang do not registered, register a shore, think the queen mother need to see psychological doctor” to “, and the Jiang Qiulian Liu Xuezhou almost victims gradually converted to bully, human nature is inherently complex, control over there also is very normal, it’s a pity that Liu Xuezhou is too young to be itself, the psychological burden of this thing,”Jiang Qiulian as a more than 2.2 million fans of the blogger and plaintiffs, released the first trial of the disclosure of the defendant address information, residential building information is complete, only the symbolic number of the building code.And this incident in the first instance of many disputes, in the second day after the defendant filed an appeal that exposure of such information, suspected malicious exposure caused instability factors, and to cover up, bad means.I hope to check!Jiang Qiulian responded to Liu Xin’s appeal, “She is defiling Jiang Song, there is no third uncle in the world only Jiang Song”?On January 24, the last day of the appeal period, Liu’s lawyer submitted an appeal letter to the court, which included a special statement by Liu, saying that he “would like to be a cow and a horse to honor his uncle and mother.”Jiang Qiulian responded that if he had told jiang Ge the truth of the murder would not have this case today, Liu Xin should not call Jiang Ge three uncle, there is no three uncle in the world, only Jiang Ge!How does jiang Ge and mother Jiang Qiulian psychological expert analyze Liu Xin’s words and deeds?Psychological experts believe, “Liu Xin knew jiang Ge lost her life because of him, because the kindness was too great for her to repay, so she changed her guilt into a defense mechanism, denying Jiang Ge’s kindness to her, only in this way can she feel better psychologically.Such people are cowardly, afraid to admit mistakes, and make themselves feel better by denying others, big baby mentality.Kindness is as heavy as hatred.”After the first trial win jiang Qiulian memorial song