On the refutation of “Zi Ping Zhen Quan”, Chapter 12, on the pattern of using god

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If the character eight is useful to god, there must be pattern. If there is pattern, there must be height.What is not cheap?From the most noble to the most humble, there are all kinds of things, how can we tell?However, the principle of the outline, also in the heartless, powerful powerless between.Using god and pattern are two different things. They should not be confused, but they complement each other.However, the level of the pattern is sometimes determined by the nature of the yen material, and sometimes depends on the change of the use of gods or pure miscellanies.For example, Japanese wood, seedlings just unripe when not valuable, such breeding b wood into a case, pattern is not high.If acetobacter not on lush, at this time breeding b wood into the grid, the pattern is high.For example, the pattern is high. If the culture of b wood is high, but the pattern is not high. If the culture of earth branch wood, the pattern is lower.For example, sometimes the pattern of pure deity is high, and the pattern of miscellaneous deity is not high, but sometimes the miscellaneous is higher than the pure pattern.The author discusses the pattern of the financial official seal food evil evil owl robbery, good and smooth use;Not good and adverse use, the previous refutation, this theory is not tenable.So what does this sentient, heartless, powerful mean?Let’s move on.译 文 : Such as the official with the seal, as through wealth, and four pillars with injuries, push back with the seal.Therefore, a thoroughly youguan, thoroughly ding He ren, is that he hurt the officer, then become Quaker, with its sentient beings also.Wealth bogey than rob, and evil together, rob anti to use.Therefore, the birth month of a, through wu into the case, in case of b for robbery, on Geng for evil, the two together, both have their use, then become Quaker, also with its love.The author’s theoretical framework is inseparable from the wealth of the official seal food for good, evil hurt owl robbed for bad this concept, unbreakable.A thoroughly unitary official, see ding and ren together as sentient beings, if a thoroughly unitary official did not see Ding Ren, with the official qing pure, that affection will be an?This is just the life bureau structure with it, and more than a process of hydration injury, even if the lattice, the pattern will not be too high.Keep things simple, not complex.A wood birthday month hegeng gold cutting a wood, and not bogey gold heavy, if the b wood together, is not a pattern.If geng gold is too heavy also like bingding fire or water slightly down jin Feng.英 文 : Body strong evil dew and food god and prosperous, yimu sheng you month, Xin Jin through, ding Huo gang, qiu Mu Sheng, three are prepared, extremely expensive, with its powerful also.Guan Strong money through, the body meets the lu blade, such as the third son month, decane water through, Geng Jinlu, and c sit Yin wu, three are all, then become your, also with its powerful.See evil spirit is not good on the need to make evil spirit, but wood living in you month also xi Xin jin felling, evil spirit is not made and for joy, how to explain this?For example, the water xu moon, xu for dry soil, like the desert dry land see water, its water natural valuable, if run wood, fire, wash gold into the grid, the pattern is high, then this force will be installed?C fire can not use decyl water officer star, this has nothing to do with force.In the money official seal food for good and shun it, evil hurt owl rob for bad and inverse use of the inside stir to stir.Sentiment is superfluous, force is prejudice, and the essential attribute of yen is the proper principle.There are sentient beings with power, and powerful beings with affection.For example, a uses you guan, while Ren heding uses qing guan, and Ren shui has deep roots, so he is sentient and powerful.B uses you evil spirit, xin Fengding system, and xin Lu is ding’s eternal life, the same root yueling, is powerful and also sentient.It is the highest of all.Sentient beings belong to redundant procedures, the water root deep root shallow ding fire is the same, are two lost its use.There is no root for water, and only by burning a ding fire can gas be changed, so strength is useless.Ding Sheng you is like the fire of the week, you jin is not the root of the fire, ding Sheng you is the weakest burning fire.Avoid evil and get, do not have to the same root month.Starting from the material property of yen, it is the highest case to use it if you like it when it is ordered, or to avoid god when it is ordered and get it.译 文 : If a uses you guan, diding and decy, decy is not as good as nony, it is sentient rather than sentient.Yi feng you shak, through the system, or shak strong and ding slightly weak, Ding Wang and shak not ang, or xin Ding wang and b root is not very deep, is powerful but not the full force, the case of high and secondary also.A health unitary month, the water can be closed ding and go, but can not use decane water out ding fire, because decane water can also change the officer.B feng you evil spirit, not mention its happy ji, but on ding fire system evil spirit.As long as ding fire burning can control evil spirit, no wang weak don’t.B wood root regardless of depth, but to distinguish between live wood and dead wood, b wood without root is another matter.There is no need for a new term.If the seal uses seven evil spirits, it is originally a Quakar, but the body is strong and the seal is prosperous, and the poor and lonely can be seen. If the seal is prosperous, why does the seal help?Partial and partial, with its ruthless also.And such as evil spirit strong food flourishing and the body without root, the body strong proportion and wealth without gas, or yao or poverty, with its weakness also.The use of seal is the use of seal, not the use of seal.The body strong print prosperous, not for through evil spirit lonely poor.For example, the month of Jiamu Sheng Hai, whether the body is strong and weak, all avoid geng Jin seven evil spirits, Yin Wang has the work of changing evil spirits, even if the body is strong, also should take fuge.Body flourishing does not labor Yin sheng, actually do not know the five elements of the common theory of life.For example, jiamu shenghai month is two hai degree, water more than two hai is more water, regardless of the body of the prosperous weak.For example, a wood son month is the sanhe water bureau through the water for the degree of the body prosperous also drifts wood, weak also drifts wood.Another example is wood with a fire, as long as it is dry wood, no matter how much wood, can make a fire, afraid of wet wood.Gengjin if the body is prosperous, it is just conducive to gengjin excavation.The more gold, the more the United States, and so on.In this way, we can understand the five elements.Rootless is a natural attribute of the yen, not a problem.For example, a tree without roots is dead, and a tree without roots is like a seed.Bingding fire without root is non-burning fire: wuji soil without root remains unchanged;Heptgenium without roots does not affect its promising attribute, while Heptgenium without roots cannot be promising.The water without the root does not flow, the form of stagnant water, but the water can be promising, decane water is boiled dry by fire, promising can be very small, most like Geng Xin Jin to help.Body strong proportion and no gas, money star in time than rob for money, money is rich, than rob in time meet money star for money, money is not auspicious.In short, sentient merciless, powerful powerless, sentient and powerful, powerful and sentient, sentient but not sentient, powerful but not all of force.10 million change does not leave its ancestor, with the money official seal food evil spirit damage owl robbery on life, is not the law of numerology to.Chapter 12 text and Pictures