“Young bao Qingtian” : in order to report a meal of grace, not hesitate to lose their own life

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All say “receive a little of the grace, when yongquan phase reported”.At this point, “young Bao Qingtian” in the show bead can be said to be the ultimate in this sentence, in order to report empress Li of a meal of grace, not hesitant to use their own life to frame eight xianwang, forced Bao Zheng to find out the truth, also empress Li an innocent.Those who have seen palace dramas know that most of the maids in the palace live a humble life. Either they have the ability to win the favor of their masters and they can rise to the top and have an official post.Or better to simply lower their own presence, peacefully endure until the age of the palace.If you are unlucky enough to provoke the Lord, who likes to bully you, then you will not respond to the day, and the land will not work, and no one will care if you die.Xiu bead is such a unlucky egg, into the palace is often bullied by the steward eunuch Guo Huai, do not eat enough to wear not warm calculate, but also beaten.But once she was lucky enough to meet Empress Li, who not only stood up for her, but also gave her a bowl of rice to eat. This was the first warmth she had felt since she entered the palace, which she naturally remembered in her heart.When Imperial Concubine Li and the empress were pregnant at the same time, the first emperor declared that whoever gave birth to a son would be appointed crown prince.No concubine in the palace would wish to be honored by her mother’s son, but it is not up to her to decide when to give birth to a child, so the empress has two options.If li Fei’s child was born first, then put her child into the early ready leopard cat, good children suddenly become leopard cat, this will be regarded as evil.Sure enough, Princess Li’s child was born, and the empress, according to her plan, asked Master Pang to arrange seven imperial guards, the “Chongqing Seven Eagles”, the father of Ling Chu and his six brothers, to kill Princess Li’s child as soon as it was sent out of the palace.Fortunately, they didn’t have the heart to kill the innocent baby who was just born. They just put him in a small basin and let him run with the current. It was up to him to survive.Perhaps it was a blessing that the boy not only survived, but also went to Beijing to open a noodle restaurant. Although he looked untidy, he lived a happy life. I still remember his cooking techniques.And princess Li’s life is sad some, was put into the cold palace, in order to survive, but also all day pretend to be crazy.Xiuzhu know the truth, because in the princess Li gave birth that night, she quietly kept nearby, heard the child crying, know that the child landed safely.But before she could be happy, she saw several palace guards break into the palace and come out with a baby in their arms.Although she was not sure whether the child is princess Li, but later things out, said princess Li was born under the leopard cat, she guessed the basic leopard cat for prince.But she can not say it rashly, after all, she is only a small person, even if say it will not be believed, so she went to the cold palace from time to time to visit Princess Li, while waiting for the opportunity.Finally, the opportunity came, she learned the story of Bao Zheng from Lin Zhongbang, a eunuch who was familiar with her. She knew that he was not afraid of power and that the Eight Wise Kings were very important to him. If the eight wise Kings had something to do with him, he would certainly come to the capital.In addition, she has been seriously ill, time is short, if life can return empress Li a clean, she will die without regret.Xiuzhu know this matter to make big, it is necessary to let the eight xianwang in the eyes of the crime, so she put the eight xianwang’s resedent time to modify in advance, let him step earlier than others to the hall.Then, she lit the incense, and when the eight xianwang fainted, she stabbed herself to death with the candlestick, and then put the candlestick into the hands of the eight Xianwang.When we came to the hall, see the scene is that she died, eight virtuous king hands holding weapons, really jumped into the Yellow River are not clear.Bao Zheng saw the news that the eight Xian Kings were going to be beheaded, and immediately rushed to the capital.At the beginning, they all felt that it was a frame-up by Master Pang. After all, he was the one who most wanted the death of the Eight virtuous Kings. But it seemed that he did not need so much trouble, and he had fought for so many years, and he would not use such a roundabout way now.The second suspect object is the queen mother side red Guo Huai, this person is the original bully show bead person, always talk between words.From the eunuch Lin Zhongbang’s mouth, Bao Zheng and a group of people know the show beads like to go to the six noodle shop to eat noodles, but also know that the thief of calligraphy and painting is a black person, although temporarily do not know what the relationship between the two things, but the first thing they have to do is to go to the six noodle shop.Who knows to the six son noodle restaurant but found the boss six son is a very informal person, boiling noodles are very casual, very unhealthy, but he is straightforward, like to chat, they thought maybe this is the reason why xiu bead like to eat noodles here!Later, Bao Zheng found the stolen calligraphy and painting in Xiuzhu’s room, which showed that the black armored man must have something to do with Xiuzhu, but what was the purpose of stealing the painting?It turned out that Xiu Zhu heard the poem in the painting when he found the poem in the “thousand waves hall” three words, which is the place where the Empress Li stayed.She wanted to guide bao Zheng they found thousands of waves temple, in the palm to write down the corresponding number, Bao Zheng they soon guessed, rushed to thousands of waves temple, know the show bead and princess Li things.Eight wise king since know bao Zheng they found thousands of waves temple, basically put the whole thing guess seven seven eight eight, know why xiu bead want to frame themselves.To the big picture, he had to rewrite the story a bit, but as far as possible misleading bao zheng, just show bead in the six children, left a picture was this picture is where the truth lies, but because of eight XianWang let bao again the next day to find him, so zheng let the six children draw directly to eight XianWang that painting was eight XianWang lost package, just like that.The eight wise Kings directly changed the painting into a person holding a pot in his arms, obviously alluding to Guo Huai, Bao Zheng and his party were indeed misled, but also loudly to query, but Guo Huai flatly denied, they have no way.Moreover, they found that every time they made a move, someone beat them to it.So, Bao Zheng design to lead guo Huai into the bureau.But did not want to attract the man turned out to have been helping them to investigate the knife, and in Bao Zheng want to understand is the knife, he died in his own home, but also wrote the blood “Guo Huai kill me” four words.Bao zheng when they check the cause of death of the knife, only to find that he had already entered the trap, the knife is not guo Huai killed, but suicide, forcing him to commit suicide is eight xianwang.At this time, Bao Zheng naturally felt that all the situations were caused by the eight wise Kings. But why?Why did the eight wise Kings make such a big circle?Before he could figure it out, a killer from the Queen’s side arrived at the inn to kill them.In a mess of time, Pang Feiyan belt wine spilled in the Lingchu from the hermit village away on the yellow cloth, the above shows the writing, also said the thousand waves temple, but only half of the yellow cloth, the answer to the riddle is still not solved.Bao Zheng could not solve the puzzle to the six son noodle restaurant, six son very warmly invited him to drink together.At this time, Bao Zheng accidentally found that liuzi also had the same yellow cloth, and there was a bracelet exactly like the emperor, he finally put everything together, liuzi was the baby that had been carried out of the palace, he should be the successor of the emperor.Xiuzhu is so like to go to the six son noodle shop, he left calligraphy and painting, is because she recognized this is the son of empress Li.Although finally this matter can not be made public, Li Fei gave birth to the leopard cat’s injustice can not be completely washed away, but at least the emperor gave her and her son a chance to reunion, this is a mother most hope to see the result, when she thought that had been killed the son is still alive, this is enough.Xiuzhu is smart, but also great, this reunion is the result of xiuzhu’s life!