Your college “mom”, dormitory administrator aunt cook meals for students who stay on campus for 14 days, four dishes and one soup every day!

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Click on the upper right and follow “a little bit”.Education tips!I heard that those who paid attention to him got rich in the year of the tiger.After entering college, who will care about you most besides your parents who are thousands of miles away?A professional teacher?No way. You won’t know your name until you fail.A counselor?I don’t know. There’s too many people in charge to talk to you, so you don’t get hurt.For my part, the person who cared about you most in college was the dorm administrator’s aunt!I’m afraid you get up late in the morning and go to class without breakfast, and I’m afraid you don’t go to bed at night in case of insecurity to leave the door for you.Have something to have nothing to check the bed, I hope you to rest early, do not use illegal electrical appliances.To the end of the term will be concerned about you call you review, go home good happy New Year.Slightly when the university dormitory administrator aunt, changed many, mobility is larger, but have to say that they are very good.It is no exaggeration to say that they are the “mothers” of college students, but one “mother” in Huai ‘an, Jiangsu province was not so easy. She cooked meals for her children for 14 days after the school holiday.Five students at a university in Huai ‘an, Jiangsu province, are having trouble getting enough food after the canteen was closed on Monday.They could not go home for the Spring Festival because of the epidemic or the preparation for the competition. At this time, the dormitory administrator aunt stood up.She came to cook for the children!Same world, same mother.Mother would never allow her children to go hungry, and mother’s cooking is certainly very good.According to the students who stayed on campus, the dormitory administrator aunt cooked meals for them for 14 days until the New Year’s Eve dinner.During the past half a month, there were four dishes and one soup at noon every day, which were very rich and had a lot of meat.Wei, a gym-trained student, said: “The dormitory administrator aunt cooks very good food every day!”Auntie is with us every day, accompany us, feel particularly moved.The leaders of the school also came to visit us and gave us red envelopes with gifts!I think the dormitory administrator aunt also has her own children, thinking that these students are other people’s children will naturally feel very distressed.Unable to go home for the Spring Festival, they stayed in school, their mother is not around, but she can be their school mother.The same pain, the same love!Dormitory administrator Aunt Shen said: usually contact with the children, after learning that they stay in school, I take care of them as their own children.Five students had to eat, and Shen even neglected her own children to take care of others’ children.But will not feel hard, only will feel very happy.I think Ms. Shen’s own children will understand her mother’s approach!After all, they have so many more “brothers and sisters” and their mothers have so many more “children”.Dormitory administrator aunt is the students in the university school “mother”!Respect the dorm lady, who is also the dorm lady in the university, reminds me of the nursery girl in the kindergarten.Some people will say, dormitory administrator aunt how can count as a teacher?Just like the “auntie” in kindergarten.Teachers teach!Hostesses may not be able to teach, but they can educate.I prefer to call a nursery nurse or a dorm lady in college a “life teacher”.Take care of the children’s lives, care for the children’s lives.Kindergarten children and university students, you don’t say, really have something in common!There are people out there who can’t take care of themselves.Life teachers in kindergartens should help guide, and life teachers in universities should supervise and inspect naturally.However, many students always feel that dormitory administrator aunt old love “meddling”, blind worry about all day long.Dormitory administrator aunt they also have their own job responsibilities, check your bedroom, collect your electrical appliances, this is their job task content.Respect their work and understand their struggles.As a college student, you should be polite.Treat your dorm lady just like you treat your teacher, respect is the first thing!After all, they are the same age as your mother, and they treat you like a child, so you can treat them like a mother.It’s a pity that I couldn’t take a picture with my favorite dormitory administrator aunt when I graduated from college.We didn’t see each other anymore just because she was transferred to another dorm in her last year.Have the opportunity to go back to school, dormitory administrator aunt may not remember me, but I think she will be responsible to ask me: “classmates!Looking for who!Which dormitory?”Then he greeted me kindly and talked about graduation.It is said that the university and the small society, the dormitory administrator aunt I think is the cruel society that few warmth.Wish all dormitory administrator aunt happy New Year!Thank you for treating your students as well as your own children.Topic of the day: How do you get along with your dorm lady aunt?Feel free to share your discussions or jokes in the comments below.Original is not easy, welcome to share attention;Stay true to your original aspiration, thanks for your thumbs up and comments.I am slightly, education slightly understand a little, small teacher, with great power!