Basic requirements for law firm practice

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Having its own name, domicile and articles of association;Lawyers should have certain practice experience and have not been punished for suspension of business within three years;A lawyer must be honest and conscientious, safeguard the interests of his client, the dignity of the law and the justice and justice of the society.1. Within the prescribed scope of professional activities, law firms accept the entrustment of Chinese and foreign parties and provide various legal services.The nature and orientation of China’s lawyer profession have also changed with the political, economic and cultural needs of The Times.In this situation, innovation will play a decisive role in the sustainable and scientific development of law firms.Within the scope of professional activities, accept the entrustment of Chinese and foreign parties to provide various legal services.All lawyers are so responsible, the whole society can achieve fairness and justice, agency system, defense system will not fail.This requires lawyers to have three basic endowments: standards, integrity and responsibility.Truly arguing for the interests of the parties is truly arguing for the truth.That is the mission and responsibility of lawyers.Today, in the pursuit of a country ruled by law, the professionalization of law is increasingly strengthened, and the legal profession is increasingly separated from the ordinary people.There is a chasm between the law and the people, and the bridge is the lawyer.If national legislation is regarded as raw materials, the services provided by lawyers for people are legal commodities.That, on the other hand, is the point of being a lawyer.Lawyers are different from judges, who act as “the last line of defence for social justice”;Lawyers are also different from prosecutors, who are charged with maintaining the country’s legal system.