Chengdu’s “Way home” today focuses on strolling home on the greenway

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Walking along the long green road, appreciating the flowers in full bloom, and looking for the beauty hidden in nature in the colorful colors and dense fragrance have become a new way for Chengdu people to unlock a happy life.The Shushun Road is located in a street of Pidu District, with a total length of about 3 kilometers.It’s connected to stations like Shuxin Avenue, Piduan and Heping Street of Metro Line 6.According to the needs of different groups in the community, supporting facilities such as breakfast stalls, newsstands and reading rooms will be added in areas where students are concentrated.Leisure seats, sports building equipment and commercial facilities such as flower shops and coffee shops are added to the residential area where residents are concentrated.In the sea junda business area, set up “wisdom interest collection.Kangaroo collection “amorous food night market, creating a strong fireworks atmosphere in the market;Combine the cultural characteristics of the community.Highlight the double elements of “Park City” and “Wangconculture”, set up sculpture sketches of landscape nodes, and give a new interpretation of diversified life scenes and pidu park city life scenes with rich levels of humanized public space.Located in Huayuan Street, Xinjin District, Mushan Digital New City Xingpu Avenue starts from Dachang Road in the west and ends at Huayuan Avenue in the east. With a total length of about 450 meters, it is an important transportation channel connecting Xinjin Station of Subway Line 10 with the scientific and educational residential block of Huayuan Street.Xinjian region guided by the “street integration guide” to start xing’s avenue road integration transforming: dusty streets clean as new, bright yellow Buddha a straw in the wind, near modern trendy green city furniture solution for working people to weary10, wall railing Ming yan’s roses stretched waist, lit up the whole street romance.The transformation makes full use of the existing advantages of spacious space and rich bottom business, which not only optimizes the road environment for work and home, but also makes xing Pu Avenue become a warm place for surrounding residents to gossip, a good place for leisure and walking children as well as a good place for young couples to hit the card, adding thick human touch.With a total length of about 800 meters, Longjiang Road in Wuhou District connects xinnan Road in the west and Laoma Road in the east, with convenient transportation around it. It is a famous musical instrument street in Chengdu and an important node of the characteristic block of Music Workshop.Longjiang Road deeply cultivated the music resources of the area, focused on the “four states”, through the transformation of the block, music transmission, convergence of boutique business format, integration of characteristic theme style, so that Longjiang Road to achieve better street landscape and cultural landscape, become a new “Internet celebrity” card point.Streets can be rambled, buildings can be read, the city has temperature, Longjiang Road, one street is a concert hall.Tianxianqiao South Road: Tianxianqiao Binhe Road is located in Jinguanyi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu city, with a total length of 1.3 kilometers, adjacent to Jinjiang River.Connecting Hejiang Park and Chunxi Road business circle, multi-dimensional supplement of public services, leisure life, slow traffic and other functions, to create a composite scene.Along the greenway, love zebra crossings, love traffic lights and other devices are set up to deeply dig local culture, construct element landmarks and create an overall romantic industrial system.Through the construction of the slow travel system in the area, it has realized the optimization of travel modes, promoted the promotion of business formats, attracted the implantation of cultural formats, and created a space-coordinated, dynamic, historical and people-oriented “road home”.Chengdu Daily. Jin Guan news reporter Zhou Zilin editor Song Hexiao proofread Li Min statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: