Come to wave late night food at home, Kindi integrated stove understands you best

2022-06-06 0 By

I do not know if you sisters have such experience, did not eat full dinner, was hungry to wake up in the early morning, want to eat, but found that there is nothing to eat?Instant noodles, biscuits and so on are also too low grade, look not up.If you don’t eat, your stomach growls and you can’t sleep at all.So a late night barbecue?What kind of cooker do you use?That’s right, with the Kindi cooker.Watermelon strawberries, canned potato chips, milky coffee, as a foodie, I love them all.When I am in a bad mood, eating can bring me happiness, when I am nervous, eating can make me relax, when I am bored, eating can make me full.What about when I’m hungry?No need to think about it. Eat, of course.This is the world of foodies, I think many sisters are like me.Who says barbeque only goes to the store?Who says a barbecue has to smell like choking smoke?Who says barbecue is boring?All I’m saying is that when you do it yourself, it’s not just food but fun, if you have a Kindi cooker.It was twelve o ‘clock in the middle of the night, I woke up from a dream, my stomach was still cooing.I am hungry, the bread and cookies and other snacks at home can not be interesting, I took out from the refrigerator I often prepared dishes, to my home barbecue expert – Jindi integrated kitchen.1 Defrost chicken wings, cut pork belly, mutton skewers and bone and meat in the golden integrated oven.2 Prepare the seasoning, onion, cumin powder, chili powder, light soy sauce, salad oil, oyster sauce, salt, honey, chicken essence a little, reserve.3 Take out the thawed ingredients and put them into the plate. Mix the seasoning evenly and smear them on the chicken wings, pork belly, mutton skewers and bone meat. Put them into the baking tray of the oven with the integrated stove of Golden Emperor.4 choose the fast barbecue mode, 15 minutes, can be unpacked, at this time these dishes have been baked, put them on the plate, you can eat.Look at the results on the plate, the color and luster of the chicken wings, crispy and attractive pork, lamb skewers outside crisp and tender, meat and bones connected with fragrance, this is the golden emperor integrated stove barbecue benefits, large capacity, barbecue weight, good performance, food is not string flavor, the finished effect is too good.Since you can’t eat too fast or you will harm your health, I swallow slowly, pour a glass of Coke, and savor it. It feels so happy.Late night food, barbecue is not to be missed, barbecue with what stove, jindi integrated stove is beyond doubt.