Henan Songshan Longmen can go to Guangzhou team “rob people”, so “wool pulling” the opportunity is very rare

2022-06-06 0 By

Now all Chinese Super League fans are “confused” by the announcement of Guangzhou team, because the maximum salary of excellent players is 600,000 RMB, but the quota is only three, the main force is only 420,000 RMB, but only six, the substitute is only 140,000 RMB, and the quota is a little more than 15.Such a provision is “not bad money” guangzhou team, in the past, is no fans will think of this day.Football association rules of domestic players paid is 2 million pre-tax, excellent domestic players can also get the salary of more than one hundred, now guangzhou team’s salary is much lower than the provisions of the football association, although the pay is the dominant idea CSL, but the wages, it is difficult to want to leave a good player, because of the guangzhou team players, other clubs in the Chinese super league,Get annual salary million problem is not big, as long as there is a suitable next home, guangzhou team of players probability will leave.Guangzhou’s wages can’t keep people, so other teams will have opportunities.Now the cooperation between Henan team and Guangzhou team is very close, because there are two players on loan from Guangzhou team in the Central Plains Iron Army, one is feng Boxuan, the main full-back, and the other is perman Jiang.Two players on loan from Guangzhou team, are the main force of Henan team, especially xinjiang boy Perman Jiang, almost sent the Central China Iron Army into the championship group, and relegation group of the penultimate round, that play can be called a superstar performance, all henan fans hope this Xinjiang boy to stay.Now whether Perman Jiang or Feng Boxuan return to Guangzhou Team, even if guangzhou team has a large number of players lost, they are the main players at most, the highest salary is more than 400,000 yuan, but stay in Henan Team, the two players are still the main force, or the main rotation players, the annual salary must be higher than 400,000 yuan.Because the two players are worth more than 400,000 yuan a year, Henan’s financial situation can support the two players’ annual salary of more than 400,000 yuan.Now leave the difficulty of the two players is not very big, the rest is “uproot wool”, guangzhou dominated the Chinese football team for many years, the team’s architecture is very reasonable, there are a lot of good players in the team, although the international has no shortage of buyers, henan team want those international is unrealistic, but there are some youngsters some substitute is a good chance.At present, the main idea of Henan Football Team is to cultivate young people, and the most valuable part of Guangzhou football Team is also the youth training. Because Evergrande Football School is in the harvest season, it is very good for Zhongyuan Iron Army to recruit several excellent players to pave the way for the team’s future.Although henan team is a small cost team, but as long as the wages are higher than guangzhou team, there will be excellent players “come to the”.